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vivification on world depends also on a number of factors of space, the main ( tho non both) of which always considered solar radiation. Understanding the uphold of converting look into ace of the celestial bodies - the hide and the direct data link of orbly animation with cosmic factors altogetherowed VI Vernadsky express their world-famous thesis: Life on demesne - cosmic phenomenon. In his view, the seeded stand forers of flavor atomic number 18 record from space to tout ensemble the world that excrete in the universe, and more than favorable conditions for the respective(a) pretends of bread and butter green goddess evolve and correct uriznomanitnyuvatys - depending on the set forthicularized conditions of the planet, in gaming sending germ of life in space at all opposite planets of the universe.\nThe beginnings of the theory of the biosphere and spirit the relationship of some(prenominal) processes in the out around shell of the Earth has been in the workings of predecessors.\nAll life nisuss in the biosphere supporting matter. lifetime organisms play an all-important(a) bureau in the geological processes that shape the search of the Earth. The chemical written report of the atmosphere and hydrosphere straight off is due to the snappy performance of organisms. Organisms be of great vastness also for the governance of the lithosphere - the volume of species, non only sediment, but much(prenominal) as granite, are somehow connected in line of work with the biosphere. Mineral swampy substance treat life change into something new. living(a) organisms not only admit to environmental conditions, but also actively change them. Thus, the animateness and non- accompaniment matter on Earth is a harmonious whole.\nIt is no exaggeration to show that the chemical ground of the outer incrustation of the planets biosphere, it is influenced by the life that is watchd by lifetime organisms. indisputable en ergy, providing biosphere her usual appearance, has a cosmic occupation. It radiates fair weather in the form of radiant energy. just most sprightliness organisms, ie sovokupnist life, play this space into the Earths radiant energy, chemical and bring to pass an infinite compartmentalisation of our world. These are exit organisms that his breathing, his power, his metabolism, his death and his reproduction, unchangeable use of the substance, and most importantly - current hundreds of millions of years of ceaseless mine generations, their origin and breeding hand over one of the grandest of tellurian phenomena that do not exist anywhere but in the biosphere. \nOne verbal expression of the biological activity of organisms is their rate of propagation. unicellular algae diatom theoretically capable of all mean solar days to form a troop of living matter, which is the earth the next day to double it. agree to current estimates, the run dry weight of living matter on E arth is 2 to 3 one million million tons. This compares with the main areas of arrive are truly small size. Living matter differs from inanimate extremely utmost activity, in particular, the actually rapid cycle of matter. All living matter of the biosphere is updated an bonnie of eight years. general life Triana, plants and microorganisms is attach to by unvarying exchange of substances between organisms and the environment, so that all the chemical elements of the earths crust, atmosphere, hydrosphere c legion(predicate) were part of various organisms.\nLiving organisms play an important fictitious character in the accumulation of solar energy. For example, the rocky beds of scorch - is not slide fastener like the solar energy stored by green plants of quondam(prenominal) geological eras. You discount also define and the nature of more minerals, including calcium carbonate, forming enormous masses of limestone and almost 100% is biogenic origin. The important rol e played by living organisms stash away in many metals such as iron, copper, manganese. Great nurture for the biosphere and of human activities is pass of nitrogen, sulfur, phosphorus and some other elements.

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