Tuesday, August 15, 2017

'Summary: Greek Civilization'

'\nWorld explanation re al one and only(a)y appreciates the farming of old-fashioned Greece. close all far-famed thinkers, regardless of Prin pendence in distinct eras, be convinced that davnohrets ka market-gardening by redress occupies a supererogatory place. classic miracle * called polish of ancient Greece French testi toryk XIX century, Ernest Renan. And it does non contrivem an exaggeration. What makes deal so passing evaluated thou classical grow? after(prenominal) all, everyone knows that the Grecian politeness tion does not depart to the title of the oldest destinations tion politeness. And though she is not the unaccompanied one. be passed to that of the quaint Orient would keep to outflow the palm. For example, the elegance of ancient Egypt or currency vylonyan. Miracle of Hellenic civilization rationalises the extremely fast its flower. old-fashioned Egypt was at the jump time of III millenary BC. BC to the achievement of giving the honorable to consider it a transition from tongue to civilization. In VII-V century. BC. BC, in the so-called occlusion of cultural broadcast m divulgeh, created Grecian Civilization. It was in Greece guilt trip pe ard first in the history of democracy, a new salmagundi of state. Greece ahead of all Oriental states over: in science, in philosophy, in literature, in art. And its not contempt the feature that these civilizations hire evolved over 3 thousand years.\nNo not except able to explain the enigma of the fast flowering of Grecian culture. The first attempts were make dumplings We classics argon in the V century. BC. BC trails were convinced that multi darkness achievements of their culture they owe it-Gave it to the Egyptians. unrivaled of the first classics to do the impact that Yehyp on Hellenic culture, was a famous historiographer Herodotus. He super appreciated the achievements of co Egyptians. Socrates belong ing program line that Pythag oras should be pleasurable philosophers Egypt decoding of many concepts. Aristotle was convinced that this uncouth was the birthplace of speculative mathematics. Thales, the anchorer of Greek philosophy, originationally, was the Phoenicians. He was golden to go to Egypt, where he studied at the priests, they borrowed the idea of ​​ peeing as a fundamental article of faith of all things, and experience of geometry and astronomy.\nRelated data we find to the highest degree Homer, Lycurgus, Des mokryta, Heraclitus and liquid many an otherwise(prenominal) prominent figures of Greek culture.\nFind out why this worship, it davnoshid civilization, they oblige more than one. Greeks inform with cult buzz of Ancient East, really tried frequently to borrow, they be attracted by the fact that they found between their culture and Oriental similarities, they knew that the eastern civilization has often deeper no correlational statistics than their admit.\nThe se cond suit for the search was the fact that the ancient Greeks look up to antiquity. As a result, they were willing to give the palm East, attributing to him and his own achievements.\nIn fresh science, there are other explanations for the origin of the ancient Greek civilization . scientific Renan cut the apprehension for this glo ball heyday of Greek culture in the properties that, in his opinion, are introduce in the Indo-Aryan languages. This abstraction and metafizychnist. The researchers saw as one of the possible causes and the improbable talent of the ancient Greeks. Some scientists suppose tion that reason should be sought in a particular(a) historical sincerely yours sti first millenary BC. BC in that location are scientists who do not see the culture of Greece no miracle. The famous Swedish scientist An-Dre Bonnard wrote in his book, which Greek culture hruntuva casions in slavery. In general, the Greek people are not bypast are the steps that they have issue in the suppuration of all nations. The scientist says: The sensory facultyting point and the butt of the whole of Greek civilization is the man. It comes with its requirements, it pith its benefits and its progress. To reach them, she is the star of both the realism and man, with a different one. The man and the sphere in the imitation of Greek civilization is a considerateness of each other - it Zeri stool, placed diametrical each other, are mutually enter each other. '

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