Wednesday, May 29, 2019

Fundamentals of Research Essay -- Research Analysis

It has always been human nature to seek answers, find solutions to problems, observe, and bring awareness of discoveries. This demonstrate of inquiry has become more sophisticated and daunting throughout time. Nevertheless, curiosity and the need to progress remains the same. Many regard research as conference information and using facts to support findings (Leedy & Ormrod, 2010, pg. 1-2). Nevertheless, Leedy and Ormrod (2010), define research as a systematic process of collecting, analyzing, and interpreting information (data) in order to increase our brain of a phenomenon about which we are interested or concerned (Leedy & Ormond, 2010, pg. 2). Nunans definition (as cited in Mustafa, 2011), describes research as having a question, problem, hypothesis, data, analysis and interpretation of analysis (p. 24). attain the goal is the culmination of the research in this case, the goal for conducting a doctoral research is to improve the music education curriculum and provide an excellent encyclopaedism opportunity for all students including students with disabilities to experience academic success.The current music curriculums conception appears to be standard for all students including students with disabilities. Because of inclusion, children with learning disabilities participate with non-disabled children in music. At a recent music therapy workshop, teachers expressed concerns regarding how to support students with learning needs. Inquiry on the current music curriculum and the No Child Left Behind (NCLB) lay out of 2001 initiated the following questions Is the NCLB working to meet all students learning needs as well as support music teachers with appropriate education resources? How have centre of attention subject state assessmen... ... Preservice music teachers perceptions of fieldwork experiences in a special needs classroom. Journal of Research in Music Education, 57(2), 152-168. Leedy, P. D., & Ormrod, J. E. (2010). Practical resea rch Planning and design Saddle River, NJ Merrill.Mustafa, R. F. (2011). The of educational research A beginners concise guide. International Education Studies, 4(3), 23-30. Pellitteri, J. (2000). Music therapy in the special education setting. Journal of Educational and mental Consultation, 11(3&4),379-391. Retrieved from http// Zdzinski, S.F., & Barnes, G.V. (2002). Development and validation of a string performance rating scale. Journal of Research in Music Education, 50(3), 245-255. Retrieved from http// accounted=

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