Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Mat 126 Week 1 Assignment

difficulty #35 This while is arithmetic The cost to fix the tug is $1800. STEPS/CALCULTATIONS YOU PERFORMED TO gain THE ANSWER: The super acid oddment in this sequence is $25, thus making it an arithmetic sequence. The education for decision the net statusinal figure is an = a1 + (n-1)d. In this problem, n=9 for the 9 sections of 10 foot sections, a1= one hundred since that is the starting term of the sequence, and d=25 for the common difference. An = a1 + (n-1)d A9 = 100 + (9-1)25 A9 = 100 + (8)25 A9 = 100 + 200 A9 = 300 So the final term of the sequence is 300. Now that we know this, we be sick up happen upon the supply of the terms to calculate the final cost. The formula for finding the spirit is Sn = n(a1 + an) 2 S9 = 9(100 + 300) 2 S9= 9(400) 2 S9= 3600 = 1800 2 So the final cost to build the 90-foot tower is $1800. Both of these formulas were put up on page 225 in Mathematics in Our World (Bluman, 2005). Problem #37 This sequence is geometric remainder equaliser is $814.
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45 STEPS/CALCULTATIONS YOU PERFORMED TO REACH THE ANSWER: To find the oddment symmetry, the formula of An = a1(rn-1) will be used. The initial sleep is $500, the interest is 5%, and the time continue is 10 years. 5% will be listed as 1.05 as the initial balance is 100% plus 5% interest, so 105% is indite 1.05. The number of terms is n=10, the scratch term is a1=525, the common rat! io is r = 1.05. Although the initial balance is $500, a1 = $525 because the first term of the sequence is at the end of the first year, so it mustiness include the interest on the $500. The ending balance mass now be found An = a1(rn-1) A10 = 525(1.05)9 A10 = 525(1.55132822) A10 = 814.447316 814.447316 can be locomote to 814.45, thus showing that the ending balance after 10 years is $814.45. The formula to solve this problem was found on page 229 in in Mathematics in Our...If you motive to get a full essay, order it on our website: BestEssayCheap.com

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