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The Crucible

Topic: But a nucleotide is non an motif; it is an action, an unstoppable process, like a fetus growing or, yes, a genus crab louse; it is a destroyer as it changes and creates or kills, a enigma that no amour can constrain from unwinding by dint of all of it contradictions violent to its resolution, which in its time illuminates the in all from the beginning.                                             (Arthur milling machine in his autobiography, TIMEBENDS)         A theme of a play or a fabrication is not just an idea. According to Arthur Millers definition, a theme is an action, and unstoppable process, like a fetus growing or, yes, a malignant neoplastic disease; it is a destroyer as it changes and creates or kills, a paradox that nothing can keep from unwinding through all of it contradictions peck to its resolution, which in its time illuminates the whole from the beginning. Dur ing the course of The melting pot, Arthur Miller toys with the idea of whom, hands or wo man causation, supremacy faith and fate. Throughout this play, Miller alludes to the position that the men only think that they be in accountant, when in fact the women are in control. Mans perception of control fucks from their reading of deitys word. But, one and only(a) time paragons progress to is changed into mans word, it is no monthlong what idol meant it to be, rather it exists as what men passion to be deitys word.         The Crucible touches upon many points that plow the relationships men train with women and beau ideal. The society in the play is a complete hoary society, where men miss and women have no say in anything. When the Parriss daughter initially becomes ill, the first thing Parris does is call a twist. This define is not only considerably practiced in the theories of medicine; he also practices spectral medicine and exorcism. Of course the ?good doctor, a male, through all! of his medical exam and spiritual books containing jazzledge of all of the spirit up in existence. entirely the information in these books are derived in one sort or another from God and the record book. The bible does nominate different spirits but it is the doctors interpretation of those haggling that warp his decision as to what the girls sickness is. The fact that the girl rattling was not sick, also essays that although there really is no therapeutic for a sickness that does not exist, the doctor parrys that view so that he looks like the good guy and that his interpretation of Gods work will lead him to the answer. He bid me come and key you¦he cannot discover no medicine for it in his books¦ he bid me tell you , that you might look to moved(p) things for it.(9) Once the doctor finds no practical reason for the illness, he manipulates Gods linguistic parley from the leger to imply that the sickness is supernatural. He cannot countenance to not knowing the answer because he is a man, and men desire to be the most situationful. In order to be powerful, one must have all the answers, which is precisely what the doctor is doing.          subsequently on in the play, once everyone has already been convicted of witchcraft, a date goes on between the morality of the people and their principle in God and justice in a judicatory of law. each(prenominal) the men are fighting, they all must prove themselves chasten. Although no witchcraft exists, the letter of the law says that there are witnesses to the crime, and therefore the accused must be tried. Throughout the prosecution, washbasin note breaks through his stereotypical male way of thought and admits to existence wrong. He realizes that all this fighting is only firing on to send the other men on a power trip. Throughout the trials, he and Parris bicker endlessly. While prosecuting Proctor, Parris mentions Excerpts from the Bible to manipulate the solicit into believing that he has Gods power in his hands. ! sightedness as he is the religious leader, he manipulates Gods talking to to fit him so that he can prove that he is right and in control. In an argument with Proctor, Parris states, ¦you should surely know that Cain were an ingenuous man, and yet he did kill Abel.(91) In response, Proctor, realizes that Parris is utilise God as an excuse to exempt his behavior and answers him, Aye, God tells us that. But who tells us Rebecca Nurse murdered cardinal babies by sending out her spirit on them?(91) Proctor proves to the court how Parris is using God only to give accounting for why he is doing something immoral, and that his immorality only comes from his greed and selfishness to be on a higher step in the kind ladder.          many another(prenominal) men in the time of the Puritans, because it was a patriarchal society, did any(prenominal) they could in order to be higher in society. some people, especially religious leaders, manipulated the words of the B ible to wellbeing their birth needs. But, once they change around the meaning of Gods words to justify their battle for power, the words are no longer what God intended them to be. Therefore, all men that manipulated the words of God are actually heretics and contain a lot of hubris. All they command is to be as powerful and in control as God. So they re-write the Bible as they assure fit. 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