Wednesday, June 19, 2019

Quan-Haase Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Quan-Haase - Essay ExampleThis causes an elimination of the poor in accessing the learning facilities to be at par with the rich. With the introduction of m-Learning, there base be a high possibility of reduced cost of learning. This can also ease the access of the learning materials over the phones. It is unfortunate that the number of people who can afford such phones is limited. This automatically eliminates the less privileged.Quan-Haase is very clear on the issues that affect the effectiveness of technology-enhanced learning in developing countries teachers, time, classrooms, books, and money continue to be significant issues. Although technological developments aim at extended and equitable opportunities extending to poor and disadvantaged populations, lack of trained teachers, negative attitude over distance learning, curt technology and educational infrastructure and cultural and social restrictions imposed to women and girls, have increased the gap that exist between the poor and the rich, urban and rural, and between genders. The issues turn to in the paper make it appropriate especially to the developing countries. It can be used to plan for strategies to curb the most contagious issues in purchase order to benefit all levels of citizens equally in the developing

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