Tuesday, June 18, 2019

Why is obesity such a problem nowadays in America Research Paper

Why is obesity such a problem nowadays in America - Research Paper Example0 completed that the proportion of Americans who need the most severe obesity condition did actually quadruple from whiz mortal in every 200 to one person in every 50 people studied meaning that such people have at least an extra 100 pounds of flesh on their bodies. The issue of obesity has been all along considered a medical condition whose causes are more than one (Centers for Disease Control). However, not much emphasis had been determine on the issue of obesity until recently when it came to be linked to many other social and medical conditions. The social stigma and medical worries attributed to obesity have helped fuel the current atmosphere where obesity has been hyped as being a major problem in the US today. This paper seeks to expound on these findings and others by engaging in a discussion that will shed more light on why many Americans have found reason to irritate about being obese and how th is is currently a big problem in the US and for the American people (Pollan). The discussion will borrow to a great extent from various credible researches done by different organizations and use secondary sources to establish and add evidence to the argument.There are many things that have been attributed to one being obese. Obesity has been found to be a very complex situation that arises out of metabolic, neurological and at times genetic causes and is usually exhibited by someone being overweight, plump or bulge. Currently, obesity has been declared one of the national health crises in America. In case the trend continues and the numbers reinforcement soaring, then there are all possibilities that obesity will overtake smoking as the most contributing factor to many early deaths in the US, poor life quality standards, and a huge cost implication to the healthcare system. And if such revelations are not enough to make you twitch, the latest watch from UCDCP shows that a third of all adults in the US are considered being obese and another third are overweight and that Americans are on a

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