Wednesday, October 23, 2019

Crystal Jelly Fish

Crystal jellyfish The Crystal jelly fish is a very unique marine animal. Known as the crystal jellyfish its scientific name is well known to be the Aquarium Victoria. The Aquaria Victoria is a saucer shaped Hydromedusa with a well developed velum, its size ranges within five to twelve centimeters in diameter. It has eighty or more narrow unbranched radial canals witch can extend to the margin of the bell. All tentacles extend from the margin of the bell, making the slender gonads run along most of the length of the canals.Placed into a single row the tentacles are surrounded to the all around shape of the bell. The Aquaria Victoria is placed in pelagic waters in the Pacific Ocean from Vancouver, British Columbia, and Central California. There living requirements intake open waters and require temperatures between forty degrease Fahrenheit . Many Aquaria Victoria can be found swimming or floating along the shores. The population of the Aquaria Victoria is said to be unknown, because o f there four to six month life span it decreases’ the chances of finding the information.The Aquaria Victoria is budded off into hydroid colonies in the late spring. The Medusa is the first stage of its vast development. When approximately reaching three centimeters it can begin producing gametes of reproduction. The Spermatozoa and egg mature daily in the medusa. When provided much food they are spawned into the water column, settled off to fertilize they are then eventually settling out for a new hydro id colony.When reaching its growth of development to eat it intakes Crustacean, Zoo plankton core pods and crab zoeals. The natural Predators’ of the Aquaria Victoria are Voracious protozoan known as the lion mane jelly. When approached by one or more of there predators they tend to glow only to send out threats to protect themselves. The Aquaria Victoria is capable of its glow due to the (GFP) Green fluorescent protein it produces. The Aquaria Victoria only glows arou nd the margin of the umbrella.The Green Fluorescent protein is a protein that is composed of two hundred and thirty-eight amino acid that exhibits bright green fluorescence when exposed to light in the blue to ultraviolet range. The Green fluorescent proteins function is to become the Energy Transfer acceptor. The Aquaria Victoria flashes the blue light with a quick release of (Ca2+) witch interacts with photo protein acquiring. While it interacts, it is only brought on or let on for a short amount of time. The Aquaria Victoria is not known for harmful relations, it is known to be something unique just as any other marine animal.

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