Friday, October 18, 2019

How Business is Conducted on a Social And Ethical Sense Research Paper

How Business is Conducted on a Social And Ethical Sense - Research Paper Example As the paper declares  some of the practices that will be practiced and encouraged by a business doing its business in an ethical and social manner include doing honest business, practicing truthfulness and the prohibition of stealing among its different stakeholders. Business ethics covers the moral nature of company practices and actions.From the discussion it is clear that the statements of the CEO of Abercrombie & Fitch were met with a lot of criticism and reactions, mainly because he made the statements that his company would only market clothes for the people with good-looking figures, and not other groups. The most sensitive of the statements made included that the company does not offer women’s shirts’ sizes beyond large, and gave the reason that the company was not out to supply its clothes for fat people. The emphasis of the statement was that fat people did not have the right to wear the clothes produced by the company. The reasons given for the statement i ncluded that only people with cool bodies could be considered winners, in that they have managed to keep a lean body figure. On the other hand, the emphasis was that fat people are losers that have failed to keep their weight in check, and therefore they did not deserve to wear the clothes made by the company.  The comments were taken seriously, by the company’s customers and potential customers, and that became evident from the uncontained reduction in sales revenues over a short duration.

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