Thursday, February 6, 2014


Burned Would I ever sire forever switch a go at it? Do I re altogethery want to, when forever was a sacred scripture with come to the fore meaning. (Hopkins Ellen, Burned) Pattyn is a young girl who live ons in a Mormon family, her six younger siblings, a hold out who is abusive and an alcoholic, and a mother who thinks her job is to make babies; b atomic number 18ly not near any babies, a male youngster to extract on the family name, but she bes to be cursed with but female. Pattyn means there is no real love in the man that love is only found in books (Hopkins Ellen, Burned) for her whole breeding she has seen relationships build, and crumble in one way or some other. This leads Pattyn to believe relationships and love could never last. We are told Pattyn use to have a stronger bond with her get down when she was younger, but things start to smorgasbord when Pattyn gets older and all her siblings seem to be girls. We and then find out that Pattyns beget wants a son to carry on the name and all her mother seems to have are girls. Pattyns father begins to racket and this causes him to be abusive. So head start she shes her parents relationship failing, and then her and her fathers relationship locomote apart. Pattyn tries to find love in other ways; by rebelling against her father and dating a non-Mormon boy, Derrek, and doing things that God would not respect of, with Derrek. Pattyn expresses that she thinks love is just another word for sex (Hopkins Ellen, Burned, 159). This whitethorn be because she sees her father rank she loves his wife but then beat her and then have sex and make more than babies. E precisething gets flipped around when Pattyn is sent to live with her Aunt Js for the spend. At first Pattyn lashes out and is upset. It was just another intellect to feel unloved by her father. But Pattyn begins to like it at her aunts; she finds love from her aunt a boy, Ethan, who seems to be her forever love. B y the end of the summer Pattyn has to move b! ack home. Ethan knows that Pattyn doesnt have a very good home life so he gives her a gun,...If you want to get a full essay, order it on our website:

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