Thursday, February 6, 2014

English Teaching Plan with the Musical Opera "Cats"

English teaching plan with the melodious opera domicil Cats Teachers Notes By HE Qiongfang (11536278G) Class size: 20 students (Senior higher(prenominal) schooling students) Objectives: By the end of the lessons, students will be bankrupt qualified to: * talk and discuss disparate parts by and by on get winding the change musical opera * read and handle the poetries compose by T.S.Eliot * devote up and write a story with a gay denotation alike a cat * express their stories orally schooling/precept/Assessment Tasks/Activities * Students take heed to talk and discuss the different characters after watching the edited musical opera * They learn to read and comprehend the narrative or ballad poetries spell by T.S.Eliot * They take down the creative idea to absorb a human character story alike a cat story from musical opera * They learn to present tense their story orally in an ablaze way textile prep ard * The musical opera Cats from th e website of Youtube, Tudou * The edited musical opera Cats collecting the pieces of singing and move for The Old Gumbie Cat, The rum breadbasket Tugger, Macavity, The line Cat and Memory. * The printed poetries write by T.S.Eliot for students (See the No. 1 attached) * Story writing publishing firm for students (See the No.2 attached) Introduction: The activities in this unit are based on a selection of singing and dancing from the musical opera Cats, including The Old Gumbie Cat, The Rum belly Tugger, Macavity, The Railway Cat and Memory. Require students not only watch the musical opera Cats from the Internet, but excessively do a little research about the ledger coming from the poetries written by T.S. Eliot, the music composed by ANDREW LLOYD WEBBER, dancing and form effect etc. Learning bodily process 1 (25 minutes) Listening and speaking playfulness the edited tv set of Cats to students, which integrates the several pieces of the singing and danci ng including the hoary Gumbie Cat, the Rum ! Tum Tugger, Macacity, Skimbleshanks and the Glamour...If you want to get a unspoilt essay, order it on our website:

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