Wednesday, July 24, 2019

Business and social Responsibility Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Business and social Responsibility - Essay Example Since, they have to face the end users, their stake is quite critical. Each stakeholder of the company is as important as the other. The management is responsible for the overall strategy and production enhancement of the company. They are also responsible to take care of their workers and their channel partners. At the same time they have a social responsibility to the area where they are operating. Their decision is crucial for the future of the rest of the stakeholders and dependants. They need cooperation from the workers as well as the distributors and stockists, which will help them to increase their productivity and sales. It is up to them how they wish to run the company and what issues and objections they need to overcome. The issues could be varied and may not have direct relation to the company’s primary objective, which is turnover and profitability. Similarly the workers have a huge role to play in the organization, since they are the only source of manpower in the area. It is a coexistent for both the groups. Each of the group is dependant on the other for their existence. They are responsible for the efficient productivity at the plant and their decision is important for the company to survive and grow. But they also need to be aware of their well being and the effect it will have in Teesside. Also, their cooperation and understanding of the company’s requirements is essential, so as to come to a consensus with the management. The same applies for the distributors, who must ensure the availability of the company’s product at their sales point. They are the direct contact point for the company to the end user and they are to ensure a positive image to the customers. Hence, any negative vibe or feelings of the customer needs to communicated to the company. If one considers the ethical issues surrounding Chemdex Chemicals, then we need to understand the difference between ethical and unethical business practice.

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