Thursday, July 25, 2019

Social movement news Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Social movement news - Essay Example From this above mentioned information, it might be clearly revealed that, in this age post racial period, the issue of ethnic discrimination is a major topic of concern as compared to others. Since, slave era or colonial era, the Asian Americans or the African citizens had to bear huge range of discriminations in all aspects such as educational facilities, voting rights, land acquisition, job employment, and many others. However, due to which, a hug range of Native Americans or Africans had to remain uneducated or jobless, as compared to white Americans. As a result, the level of poverty and unemployment raised that hindered their livelihood and living standard to a significant extent. Apart from this, due to the prevalence of racial discrimination, the African citizens feared to send their kids in schools and colleges to attain educational facilities and so their level of illiteracy increased to a considerable extent mainly among the black citizens of the nation of America as compar ed to others. Other than this, numerous African citizens emigrated from neighbouring countries is also barred to attain respectable positions (Parker & Goering). As a result of which, in spite of high experience and knowledge, the African Americans failed to improve their career objective or goals due to racial discriminations in this age of information technology or globalization. Furthermore, due to which, the level of wages of the African Americans are also quite low as compared to Original (Americans American Civil Liberties Union).

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