Tuesday, July 23, 2019

CASE 4-Healthcare Financial Problems and Remedial Action Plans Research Paper

CASE 4-Healthcare Financial Problems and Remedial Action Plans - Research Paper Example a Hospital Medical Center puts the organization at the peril of not attaining its objectives aimed at providing medical and health services to the poor. The availability of resources to an organization exposes an organization to favorable opportunities. In the presence of adequate resources, an organization can avail the advantages of favorable opportunities (Swayne et al, 2008). Notably, presence of adequate resources will allow California Hospital Medical Center compensate its employees and cater for the large number of people who depend on the organization. Failure to pay employees may render the organization insolvent. The organization’s employee remuneration is dependent on the availability of financial resources (Swayne et al, 2008). Poor employee compensation will in turn affect the employee motivation and cause the failure in attaining company goals. Businesses can at any time face contingencies and adverse changes, which impact their operations. Presence of adequate financial resources can assist the organization offset itself from such contingencies, such as a financial crisis and business oscillations emanating from heavy losses (Swayne et al, 2008). Availability of financial resources increases an organization’s efficiency. Availability of financial resources in an organization is linked to the presence of adequate facilities which improve an organization’s efficiency (Swayne et al, 2008). The unavailability of adequate financial resources affects California Hospital Medical Center’s access to adequate medical facilities which hampers its ability to provide medical services to the people. The availability of financial resources to California Hospital Medical Center can assist the organization access facilities thus, improving its effectiveness. In this regard, California Hospital Medical Center may have to seek more sources of funds in order to support its operations. Organizations require adequate man power in their quest to attain their

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