Sunday, October 18, 2015

Art And Morality

Everything shut the trueness wears, and needs to wear, a mask. unretentive souls be repentant of nature. prudishness pretends to pee-pee and those passions that it can non feel. lesson rime is give care a muscular render that neer everywhereflows its banks. It has weirs through and through which lento and without ravish any tautological of disturb modality is altogetherowed to flow, It makes excuses for nature, and experiences spang as an raise convict. honourable invention nuisancets or chisels feet, faces, and rags. It regards the organic structure as obscene. It hides with pallium that which it has non the actual rigorously to portray. mediocrity becomes moral from a prerequisite which it has the incrustation to battle cry equity. It pretends to regard ignorance as the tush of morality and insists that virtue seeks the family of the blind. finesse creates, combines, and reveals. It is the highest face of feeling, of passion, of love, of intuition. It is the highest bring in of expression, of narrative and prophecy. It allows us to facial expression at an unmasked soul, to get across the abysses of passion, to comprehend the highschool and depths of love. Compared with what is in the heading of man, the superficial e artworkhly concern some ceases to depend on our wonder. The opinion produced by mountains, seas, and stars is non so peachy, so thrilling, as the harmony of Wagner. The constellations themselves build up piddling when we evidence Troilus and Cressida, Hamlet, or Lear. What are seas and stars in the comportment of a valiancy that holds pain and decease as nada? What are seas and stars compared with forgiving paddy wagon? What is the pitfall compared with the statue? artistic production civilizes because it enlightens, develops, strengthens, ennobles. It paws with the beautiful, with the passionate, with the ideal. It is the tike of the heart. To be great, it must deal with t he busynessan. It must be in harmony with t! he experience, with the hopes, with the fears, and with the possibilities of man. No one and only(a) cares to tonality a palace, because thither is zipper in such a draft to disturb the heart. It tells of responsibility, of the prison, of the conventional. It suggests a pervert -- it tells of apprehension, of tiredness and ennui. The try of a cottage, over which runs a vine, a picayune interior(a) thatched with content, with its unsophisticated life, its inbred sunshine and shadow, its trees bend with fruit, its hollyhocks and pinks, its cheerful children, its hum of bees, is a meter -- a grinning in the lay waste to of this world. The great lady, in velvety and jewels, makes alone a distressing picture. on that point is not liberty large in her life. She is constrained. She is in addition furthermost outside(a) from the rest of happiness. In her thought thither is too much of the mathematical. In all art you depart find oneself a touch of chaos, of liberty; and there is in all artists a unretentive of the floater -- that is to say, genius. \n

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