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Lord Byron and Greece Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 4000 words

Lord Byron and Greece - Essay Example But one cannot forget his sacrifices for what he did for freedom of Greece. Byron was fond of travels and travelled whole Europe after which he felt his dual personality should be recognised by Don Juan instead of Bryon, so most of his biographies represent "Don Juan". Byron after travelling stopped eventually to Pisa where P.B. Shelley was awaiting for him, as she remained his lifetime devoted friend. Shelley's death lead him towards an entire different direction, he started involving in political freedom and stopped at Greece, where he found struggles for democracy and freedom from Turkey. Byron was so relentless in helping the Greek cause that he invested his everything to organise the mission to help the Greek cause. Byron was on his way towards struggle for Greeks by training troops in the squalid, marshy town of Missolonghi, that he incapacitated an incurable fever. The fever took his life on April 19, 1824, just after his thirty-sixth birthday. Although he was not much praised with respect to the Greek army, but his sudden absence from the Greek platform could not be compensated and resulted in a vacuum, which is till there and can be felt whenever 'liberation of the Greek' is discussed. Such a national hero is still unborn in Greece. Lord Byron was no doubt a revolutionist, a complete liberal,... lutionary movements in Italy and Spain, Lord Byron published his own journal named 'Liberal', "Byron defined a liberal as one interested in national sovereignty, not social reform" 3. If we analyse his life with respect to political issues that he was confronted to throughout his life we would come to know that he was the one who believed "in the very root of the word liberal, he was the one who possessed in true sense the colour of a liberal not only in his political career but also in his personal life, the acted according to his own will and pleasure, he was his own master. Gross has written in his article "His acts were unrestricted, unrestrained, and his political views are frank, open, and bold" 4. Byron had been subjected to many influences oppressive to his natural talents and besides holding political views, he had written from many aspects other than sheer self-expression, gained his liberty gradually through experiences, which had much to do in shaping and determining what his freest expression would be. Byron started taking interest in Greek politics when he attended the House of Lords where he became a strong advocate of social reform. "In the spring of 1812, his maiden speech in the House of Lords and his new friendship with the Holland had committed him politically to the Whigs, and he was therefore to be kept in Murray's drawing room as a strictly literary find." 5Before entering the House of Lords Byron was confronted to the conservative critic responses by the then political poets, and was subjected to such names like "Byron's political caprice" and "Byron's inexperience". However "In 1811 he was one of the few men in Parliament to defend the actions of the Luddites and the following year spoke against the Frame Breaking Bill, by which the

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Livelihood in Myanmar

Livelihood in Myanmar Significance of the Study Myanmar is the agricultural based economy with very rich resources. Agricultural, including livestock and fishery is most important sector for Myanmars economy. The key crops for the agricultural sector are rice, pulses, beans, sesame, peanuts, sugarcane and etc. Nearly three quarters of the population who live in rural areas main livelihood depend on that sector. Environmental resources directly support the basis of the livelihoods of poor people in Myanmar. Myanmar faces environmental problems arising from underdevelopment and poverty. It has some problems of deforestation, loss of biological resources, land degradation due to wind and water erosion, urbanization and mismanagement. Every economic action can have some effect on the environment, and every environmental change can have an impact on the economy. Environmental management, such as, forestry operations; improvements in air quality; changes in environmental institutions and governance; and investment in water and sanitation infrastructure are important. Poor countries are much more dependent on natural resources as assets than rich countries. Wealthier households have greater access to environmental infrastructure and better health outcomes. Health targets requires public policies that focus on reducing environmental risk factors through better access to basic environmental services, as well as better access to health and education services. A link between natural resources, the environment and poverty is at least plausible. Environmental change, particularly of local natural resources, can affect poverty through many pathways. Consider poor households welfare depend on assets that the household has. These assets may include biophysical, human, environmental, and constructed capital. At any point in time, household well being depends on the return to these assets and any exogenous shocks. Exogenous shocks simply reflect unexpected changes as a result of natural disasters, death, or market changes. Further, returns to assets generally have two components: (1) known returns (2) an uncertain component that depends on weather, sickness, and so on. Changes in welfare can thus result from three types of changes: (1) changes in asset holdings, (2) changes in returns to these holdings (3) changes in exogenous income, which can be positive or negative. While we use household income and welfare interchangeably, we recognize that income is only one measure of well being. Changes in environmental management can have two effects in the short to medium term. First, it can change the return to assets. Agro-forestry techniques might contribute to improved indoor air quality, health, and productivity. Then, second, improved environmental quality would be to add greater value to the flows from household land or labor. Any Health improvements that come from environmental management will also have direct welfare impacts that are independent of productivity improvements. Changes in resource management can also increase household assets. Improved environmental quality may contribute to reduced mortality and greater labor power. It is important to recognize that labor is often only asset that poor households have, and that sickness and death can have intergenerational affects. Any improvement in environmental health can have long-term impacts on households ability to move out of poverty. Environmental changes can contribute to unexpected shocks. Climate change can increase the variability of returns, for example, with greater variation in rainfall patterns, the variability of crop yields may increase. On 2 and 3 May Cyclone Nargis struck Myanmar and 31 townships were significantly affected by the cyclone in Ayarwaddy Division and Yangon Division. The damage was most severe in the Delta region, also known as the countys rice bowl. Delta is by no means of poorest parts on Myanmar. However, development is relatively limited. As agriculture is the driving force for that area, the uncertainties impact on the households of income in others sectors. The people in Delta are primarily farmers, fisher man and labors, with a smaller proportion engaged in the service industries and as traders. Approximately 50-60 percents of families in the Delta are engaged in agriculture. River basin areas are removed the covering by forest, leading to kore frequent and severe flooding. After that disaster, many aids projects are supporting for the vulnerable. It has been after two years Nargis. The aids agencies are still supporting for them. However, they support most of the people in rural areas are much worse off today than a decade ago. Farmers incomes are barely enough to provide food, with left over for clothing, school fees, shelters, supplies or medicine. Environmental problems including deteriorating water supply and diminishing common property resources further impact the poor. This study focuses on the farmers from the Pyapon Township from Nargis Affected area. As mentioned above, that area is very important for the agriculture sector, it has been two years after Nargis, the situation of farmers are remain unchanged. The research will find out, how the poor families coping with collapsing livelihood and income? and what are the problems for them? And what are the immediate aids for farmers to solve these problems? Do the recovery aids for livelihood of farmers improve their welfare environmentally, technically and economically? The more the environment is used up by this mining of the land, trees, fishes and other resources, the frequent and severe floods, drought and other national disaster will be. Now, there are changes in delta hydrology caused by the flooding and impact on soil quality due to salt water erosion. There is also less fresh water at that area. Which problems they will face later? What kids of environmental management technique for their improvement? What should be done to overturn the current trend?

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Picasso Essay -- essays research papers fc

Art represents beauty. It represents the soul and spirit of the artist. It's a form of communication that the artist can use as a substitution for words. Art has flourished the world for thousands of years and it has no intentions on stopping. One of "the most important figure's in modern art" (Selfridge, 15) is a man by the name of Pablo Picasso. He has taken the world into many places and has enabled us to see many abstract creations through his artwork alone. (Selfridge, 20) Born on October 25, 1881, Picasso was a miracle right from the start. There were complications with birth and everyone was sure that he wasn't going to make it, but then Picasso's uncle, Salvador Ruiz, was able to make this tragedy a miracle. He "exhaled a puff of cigar smoke into the baby's nostrils and suddenly†¦, he joined the world of the living"(Selfridge, 23). Picasso's miraculous ways didn't end there. He was soon to become one of the most well known artists of all times. Picass o's love for art was somewhat genetic. (Duncun, 45) His father, Jose Ruiz Blasco, was a painter as well and he loved art. Picasso was quick to express his desire for art. At the age of four, he was drawing detailed pictures with astounding results. (Duncun, 47) During school, Picasso would pay little if any attention to his work or the lecture that the teacher was giving. Instead, he spent his time making sketches of his fellow classmates. (Duncun, 52) At the age of 13, Picasso was enrolled at an art school where his father taught, and suddenly his academic habits changed. He began to apply himself to his work, showing interest in what he was doing, and his grades showed a vast improvement. (Galwitz, 92) The family moved to Malaga and on the way there they stopped at their uncle Salvador's house. While they were there, Salvador was so intrigued by Picasso's work that he provided him with a studio and an allowance. (Galwitz, 95) The family moved to Barcelona and Picasso attended scho ol at the Lota, a school of fine arts. He was beyond everyone else in the school and it wasn't much of a challenge. (Galwitz, 96) Picasso continued to paint, but he wasn't satisfied. He wanted more and had dreams to revolutionize painting. He realized that the only way of doing this would be to attend Madrid's Royal Academy of San Fernando, which is well known for having the most demanding artistic trainin... ...ciety" area c. very quickly moved back to less elite area d. started an affair with 18 year old Marie Theresa Walter J. Served as a director of a Spain's Prado Museum 1. Painted a mural for the Spanish Pavilion K. Nazi Party 1. Harassed Picasso a. taking and damaging his paintings 2. Prohibited displaying his work 3. Was over when liberated from Germans L. Joined communist Party M. Met Francoise Gilot 1. Was 40 years younger than him 2. Moved in together 3. Had a son in 1947, daughter in 1949 N. Won Lenon Peace Prize O. Health Problems 1. in 1965,at age of 83, health started to fail 2. in 1973 passed away P. Conclusion 1. Many great achievements 2. Art genius 3. Was committed to life 4. Personal Comment Bibliography BIBLIOGRAPHY Ø Duncun, David Douglas. Goodbye Picasso. New York: Grossel & Dunlap; 1974. Ø Galwitz, Klaus. Picasso at 90; The Late Work. New York: G.P. Putman's Sons; 1971. Ø Jaffe, Hans L.C. Picasso. New York: Harry N. Abrams, Inc., 1983. Ø Selfridge, John W. Pablo Picasso. New York: Chelsea House Publishers, 1994. Ø Wertenbaker, Lael. The World of Picasso 1881-1973. New York: Time-Life Books, 1967

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African American History: Tribute to Sojourner Truth

Documentary Film Analysis Worksheet History 221 – African American History Before 1877 Instructions: †¢ You will find the list of films you can choose from in the Lesson section of the course. †¢ Go to the list and pick your film. You must view the entire film. If you can’t access films because of deployment, geographic location, or other reasons, please let your instructor know so they can give you an alternate assignment. †¢ Please type you answers into this sheet.You must submit the worksheet two ways: 1) upload the worksheet as a Word document 2) cut and paste your answers into the student response box for the assignment. †¢ You must answer in complete sentences, using a short answer/paragraph format. 1. What is the title of the film you picked? The title of the film I decided to view is the â€Å"Tribute to Sojourner Truth†. 2. Why did you pick this film over the others offered? I chose this film over all the other offered because I wante d to learn a little more about the life of Sojourner Truth. . What is/are the central message(s) of this documentary/fictional film? Be specific. Use examples from the film to support your choice. The central message of this documentary was to let the world know how much Sojourner Truth is appreciated for her work as an abolitionist and other movements that she participated in. Many people stood up and gave speeches about Sojourner Truth, such as Hilary Clinton who stated that she had the right name because she is a â€Å"Sojourner of truth, for truth, and by truth†. 4.Consider the effectiveness of the film for this history class. What are its strengths and weaknesses of this film in documenting history? This films strength was shown through all the famous people that got up to speak about Sojourner Truth with much pride and respect. Hilary Clinton, Cicely Tyson, and Yolanda Adams were among many others that paid tribute to Sojourner Truth through speeches and song. This film had no weaknesses in my opinion. 5. How do you think the filmmakers want the audience to respond? Is there a social justice message? If so, what is it?I think that the filmmakers want the audience to respond with appreciation because of all the things that Sojourner fought for, among her movements she fought against capital murder and she also fought for women’s rights. There is a Social Justice message that everyone should be treated equal no matter race or gender. 6. Did the documentary leave you with any unanswered questions? If so, what were they? This film did not leave me with any unanswered questions. This film fully informed me of the many movements that Sojourner Truth was involved in. . How did this film change any misconceptions or stereotypes you had about the subject matter? If so, what were they? This film did not change any misconceptions or stereotypes that I had because I didn’t have any. 8. Did the documentary leave you with any unanswered questions? If so, what were they? This film did not leave me with any unanswered questions. This film fully informed me of the many movements that Sojourner Truth was involved in. 9. What is the most important thing you learned from watching the film?The most important thing that I learned from watching this film was that Sojourner Truth was the first African American woman to be honored with a memorial at the Capitol. 10. Why is this film important to understanding contemporary African American History? This film is important to understanding contemporary African American History because this tribute is a part of history, she is the first African American woman to be honored in the capitol and let us not forget the mark she made in the women’s movement.

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Crystal Jelly Fish

Crystal jellyfish The Crystal jelly fish is a very unique marine animal. Known as the crystal jellyfish its scientific name is well known to be the Aquarium Victoria. The Aquaria Victoria is a saucer shaped Hydromedusa with a well developed velum, its size ranges within five to twelve centimeters in diameter. It has eighty or more narrow unbranched radial canals witch can extend to the margin of the bell. All tentacles extend from the margin of the bell, making the slender gonads run along most of the length of the canals.Placed into a single row the tentacles are surrounded to the all around shape of the bell. The Aquaria Victoria is placed in pelagic waters in the Pacific Ocean from Vancouver, British Columbia, and Central California. There living requirements intake open waters and require temperatures between forty degrease Fahrenheit . Many Aquaria Victoria can be found swimming or floating along the shores. The population of the Aquaria Victoria is said to be unknown, because o f there four to six month life span it decreases’ the chances of finding the information.The Aquaria Victoria is budded off into hydroid colonies in the late spring. The Medusa is the first stage of its vast development. When approximately reaching three centimeters it can begin producing gametes of reproduction. The Spermatozoa and egg mature daily in the medusa. When provided much food they are spawned into the water column, settled off to fertilize they are then eventually settling out for a new hydro id colony.When reaching its growth of development to eat it intakes Crustacean, Zoo plankton core pods and crab zoeals. The natural Predators’ of the Aquaria Victoria are Voracious protozoan known as the lion mane jelly. When approached by one or more of there predators they tend to glow only to send out threats to protect themselves. The Aquaria Victoria is capable of its glow due to the (GFP) Green fluorescent protein it produces. The Aquaria Victoria only glows arou nd the margin of the umbrella.The Green Fluorescent protein is a protein that is composed of two hundred and thirty-eight amino acid that exhibits bright green fluorescence when exposed to light in the blue to ultraviolet range. The Green fluorescent proteins function is to become the Energy Transfer acceptor. The Aquaria Victoria flashes the blue light with a quick release of (Ca2+) witch interacts with photo protein acquiring. While it interacts, it is only brought on or let on for a short amount of time. The Aquaria Victoria is not known for harmful relations, it is known to be something unique just as any other marine animal.

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Canteen Services Essays

Canteen Services Essays Canteen Services Essay Canteen Services Essay The issue is as to the status of an employee of Unit Run Canteen in Armed Forces. 3. Appellant Shri R. R. Pillai was recruited as Airman in the Indian Air force on 7. 10. 1967 and was discharged from service on 31. 10. 1988 as Junior Warrant Officer as he sought for premature retirement from service. Before his discharge he had been looking after the affairs of the Unit-Run-Canteen (in short the `URC). After discharge he was engaged as Manager of URC at Southern Air Command on an honorarium of Rs. ,000/-P. M. w. e. f 1. 2. 1989. Para 6 of the appointment letter clearly stated that the appointment was governed by the terms and conditions as laid down in Air HQ letter No. 20728/P/Org dated 31st January, 1984 issued under the relevant Regulations. The terms and conditions of service of canteen employees are covered by the rules called The Rules regulating the Terms and Conditions of Service of Civilian Employees of Air Force Unit Run Canteen paid out of Non Publi c Funds. 4. According to the appellant the view taken in Mohd Aslams case (supra) is the correct view, it is stated that even if Canteen Store Department (in short the `CSD) was not the source of funding, other parameters clearly cover the employees in question of Government service. 5. Reference is made to certain decisions to support the stand, e. g. , Kona Prabhakara Rao v. M. Seshagiri Rao and Anr. (1982 (1) SCC 442 (para 9) and Satrucharla Chandrasekhar Raju v. Vyricherla Pradeep Kumar Dev and Anr. (1992 (4) SCC 404 at 412). Even if full funding is not there partial funding by quality discount is there which is the test for determining as to which employee is a government servant. Reference is also made to certain subsequent decisions in which Aslams case (supra) has been referred to. It is pointed out that on the date the OAs were decided, Aslams case (supra) was applicable and therefore de facto doctrine would apply. In any event, it is stated that Rule 24 cannot take out the benefits in the manner done. The High Court had not considered the challenge to Rule 24. It is pointed out that the decision which has been given can only be re-considered for compelling reasons and the view taken in Aslams case (supra) is a possible view. In any event, the appointing body is an instrumentality of State and, therefore, Articles 14 and 16 of the Constitution of India, 1950 (in short the `Constitution) are applicable. With reference to Section 23 of the Indian Contract Act, 1923 (in short the `Contract Act) it is stated that Section 23 of the Contract Act clearly prohibits the appointments in the manner done. 6. Learned counsel for the Union on the other hand submitted that Aslams case (supra) proceeded on erroneous factual basis. It proceeded on the basis as if the canteen or the establishment in question was funded by the CSD. The issue is not whether it is an instrumentality of the State. Issue is whether the concerned employees are government employees. It is submitted that Union of India and Anr. v. Chote Lal (1999 (1) SCC 554) clearly applies to the facts of the case. 7. It is submitted that unit run canteen is amenable to Shops and Commercial Establishments Statutes because the appointment cannot be made dehors the Rules. There is no prescribed qualification or age limit. Similarly there is no grade or cadre. Therefore, it cannot be said that the concerned employees are holders of civil posts. 8. In the case of Aslams case (supra) a Bench of this court proceeded on incorrect factual premises inasmuch as after noticing that the URCs are not funded from the Consolidated Fund of India, it went wrong in concluding that the URCs are funded by CSD as well as the articles were supplied by the CSD. Unfortunately, it did not notice that no such funding is made by the CSD. Further, only refundable loans can be granted by the CSD to URCs at the rate of interest laid down by it from time to time upon the application of URCs seeking financial assistance. URCs can also take from other Non- Public Funds. Further observation regarding supply is also not correct. URCs, in fact, purchase articles from CSD depots and it is not an automatic supply and relation between URCs and CSDs is that of buyer and seller and not of principal and the agent. This Court further went wrong in holding that URCs are parts of CSDs when it has been clearly stated that URCs are purely private ventures and their employees are by no stretch of imagination employees of the Government or CSD. Additionally, in Aslams case (supra) reference was made to Chandra Raha and Ors. V. Life Insurance Corporation of India (1995 Supp (2) SCC 611). The Bench hearing the matter unfortunately did not notice that there was no statutory obligation on the part of the Central Government to provide canteen services to its employees. The profits generated from the URCs are not credited to the Consolidated Funds, but are distributed to the Non Public Funds which are used by the units for the welfare of the troops. As per para 1454 of the Regulations for the Air Force, 1964 the losses incurred by the non public funds are not to be borne by the State. 9. The factors highlighted to distinguish Chotelals case (supra) in our considered opinion are without any material. There was no scope for making any distinction factually between Aslams case (supra) and Chotelelals case (supra). In our view, therefore, Aslams case (supra) was not correctly decided. 10. The question whether the URC can be treated as an instrumentality of the State does not fall for consideration as that aspect has not been considered by CAT or the High Court. Apparently, on that score alone we could have dismissed the appeal. But we find that the High Court placed reliance on Rule 24 to deny the effect of the appointment. From Rule 4 read with Rule 2 it is clear classification that all employees are first on probation and they shall be treated as temporary employees. After completion of five years they might be declared as permanent employees. They do not get the status of the Government employees at any stage. In Aslams case (supra) CATs order was passed in 1995. By that time 1999 Rules were not in existence and 1984 rules were operative. 11. It is to be noted that financial assistance is given, but interest and penal interest are charged. The URCs can also borrow from financial institutions. The reference is answered by holding that employees of URCs are not government servants. 12. The High Court has come to an abrupt conclusion about validity of Rule 24, distinguishing the decision of this Court in Delhi Transport Corporation v. D. T. C. Mazdoor Congress and others (AIR 1991 SC 101). Present appellant had questioned validity of Rule 24. High Court should have considered that challenge in the proper perspective. But it is not necessary to examine that question as the original employee R. R. Pillai has already expired. But, in the peculiar facts of the case we direct that a sum of Rs. 2 lakhs be paid to his legal representatives within a period of three months in full and final settlement of all his claims. 13. The applications for intervention are dismissed. 14. This order shall operate in respect of the appeal filed by the deceased through his legal heirs and other appeals by the Union of India. 15. The appeals are disposed of accordingly.

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Access and access to

Access and access to â€Å"Access† and â€Å"access to† â€Å"Access† and â€Å"access to† By Maeve Maddox The following excerpt is from an article on telephone fraud: The senior citizen, a man in his late 70s, is embarrassed and doesn’t want to talk about it. And, relatives are scrambling to make sure the crook doesn’t access to his bank account. When access is used as a verb, it does not require a â€Å"to† after it. access: verb. To gain access to (data, etc., held in a computer or computer-based system, or the system itself) access: noun. The state or faculty of being approached; accessibility. As a verb, access is transitive; it has a receiver. It should be followed by the noun or pronoun that is its direct object: Children can access the internet at school. In this way you can access the database. We want to make sure that the crook cannot access the old man’s bank account. When used as a noun, access is followed by a prepositional phrase beginning with â€Å"to.† The students have access to all the film databases. This ticket grants access to the flower show. Want to improve your English in five minutes a day? Get a subscription and start receiving our writing tips and exercises daily! Keep learning! Browse the Grammar category, check our popular posts, or choose a related post below:100 Idioms About NumbersYay, Hooray, Woo-hoo and Other AcclamationsAffect vs. Effect

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How to Use In, An or Auf Properly

How to Use In, An or Auf Properly Although German is a straightforward language once you learn the rules, you cant always directly translate every word from English. In fact, the more you study some words, the more confusing they may become. Three German prepositions, in particular, can be tricky for beginners: in, an and auf.   What Is a Preposition? A preposition is a word that is typically paired with a noun (or pronoun, like he or she) that helps you understand that words relationship to another part of the sentence. For example, prepositions can refer to the nouns position in space or time. Like put your feet  under  the table, or go shopping  after  class. But many English prepositions have different meanings. Under can be below, but it can also mean less than. Some prepositions are colloquial or you just have to memorize them, like get down with.   The same goes for German. You can memorize the meanings of the prepositions, but not all will be a direct translation of the English counterpart.   These are all two-way prepositions, meaning the noun/pronoun that follows this  preposition  will be conjugated in the accusative (if it is used to express motion/action, like I walk into the store) or dative (if it is used to express a location or position, like I stand in the street). In English, the preposition does not change the noun/pronoun it precedes.   In Means: in, into, to Examples: Ich stehe in der Straße. (I stand in the street.) Die Frau ist in der Universitt. (The woman is in the university, as in she is physically inside the university building. If you want to say you are enrolled in the university, you say, an der  Universitt, as in at the university. See below.)   An Means: at, to, up next to   Examples: Ich sitze an dem Tisch. (I am sitting at the table.) Die Frau ist  an der  Tankstelle. (The woman is at the gas station, as in she is literally standing up next to the vertical gas pump. It can be helpful to think about a side-by-side, vertical encounter to remember when to use an as in up next to.)   Auf Means: on, on top of Examples: Die Backerei ist auf der Hauptstraße. (The bakery is on the main street.) Die Frau ist  auf  der Bank. (The woman is on the bench, as in she is literally sitting on top of the horizontal bench. A horizontal encounter is often key for auf.)   Other Considerations Some verbs come standard with a preposition. Think about hang out or hang up in English; the preposition is an important component of the verb that actually changes the meaning of it.

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Saving on Home Energy Cost Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Saving on Home Energy Cost - Essay Example the different ways in which energy is utilised in my home such as through heating and electrical equipment, thermostat, laundry, dish washer, shower, laptops, phones and other rechargeable items, television, furnace, kitchen appliances, lighting, and others. This was followed by a very detailed and thorough audit to determine ways in which the home could cut on energy consumption and eventually save on costs in the range of 10-25% and even more. This was conducted by checking for air leaks such as carbon monoxide around the walls, ceilings, windows, doors, light and plumbing fixtures, switches and electrical outlets. In addition, moisture levels were assessed, combustion and electrical equipment checked and insulations examined. These were followed by inspecting the furnace and ductwork, performing a blower door test to help determine the home’s air tightness, using an infrared camera to help gauge from where the house was losing energy, carrying out thermographic inspections to detect thermal defects and examining air leakage in the building with a PFT air infiltration measurement technique to facilitate the summing-up of a rampant audit process and provide more information about air leakage and energy loss. A personal walk around residence was also done to analyse the energy consumption and come up with solutions for saving on costs. As a result of the extensive audit, a plethora of solutions that would ensure the home saved on energy costs were observed and recommended. Such tips included replacement of some faulty HVAC equipment and combustion appliances and regular checkup of such to ensure their proper operation. If an appliance was not functioning as it should, upon inspection, immediate repair and maintenance according to the manufacturer’s manual is recommended. Conversely, that appliance may be discarded and new well-functioning one purchased in its stead. There was also the need to do away with unnecessary wirings around the house and switching

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Are online courses taught responsibility Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 words - 1

Are online courses taught responsibility - Essay Example One of the areas where it has exerted great changes is in education whereby, learning activity has changed from more interactive face-to-face learning to a less interactive online learning environment also referred to as e-learning (Sandel, 2007). This form of training is gaining popularity across the globe due to increasing use of internet and need to streamline the flow of information in all sectors of the economy. This has resulted to student’s reliance on computer from their own places of convenience as opposed to classroom culture where students interact with their teachers and their colleagues (Tait, 2003). However, this approach of teaching has raised concern of morality regarding the competence and fairness of online tutorials in fulfilling the essence of learning to the students. This system may still disadvantage some learners who may lack access to online tutorials due to high cost of connection and other materials (Howar, Schenk, & Discenza, 2004). This study will focus on different moral rules to assess the efficiency of online teaching to the distance learners. Education should contribute to equality of all students from various backgrounds by making it available and affordable to all. â€Å"Utilitarianism theory of ethics,† requires individuals to k\make their own decisions based on what they consider best for them (Sandel, 2007). Therefore, individuals can chose between online and classroom approach depending which method will satisfy their needs best. Electronic learning offers equality to many families as opposed to traditional methods of attending their studies in a classroom (Bates, 2005). This is because all students face equal treatment in case of online learning and is not biased compared to face-to-face learning where students attend different learning institutions based on their social status (Tait, 2003). However, this may turn out to be inaccessible by some students who cannot afford to pay for the services. Traditionally,

How Business is Conducted on a Social And Ethical Sense Research Paper

How Business is Conducted on a Social And Ethical Sense - Research Paper Example As the paper declares  some of the practices that will be practiced and encouraged by a business doing its business in an ethical and social manner include doing honest business, practicing truthfulness and the prohibition of stealing among its different stakeholders. Business ethics covers the moral nature of company practices and actions.From the discussion it is clear that the statements of the CEO of Abercrombie & Fitch were met with a lot of criticism and reactions, mainly because he made the statements that his company would only market clothes for the people with good-looking figures, and not other groups. The most sensitive of the statements made included that the company does not offer women’s shirts’ sizes beyond large, and gave the reason that the company was not out to supply its clothes for fat people. The emphasis of the statement was that fat people did not have the right to wear the clothes produced by the company. The reasons given for the statement i ncluded that only people with cool bodies could be considered winners, in that they have managed to keep a lean body figure. On the other hand, the emphasis was that fat people are losers that have failed to keep their weight in check, and therefore they did not deserve to wear the clothes made by the company.  The comments were taken seriously, by the company’s customers and potential customers, and that became evident from the uncontained reduction in sales revenues over a short duration.

A Peep of History and Lifestyle Through Cookbooks Essay

A Peep of History and Lifestyle Through Cookbooks - Essay Example Historical cookbooks are mainly to pass on certain traditions of food preparation. It is also ought to preserve the heritage brought about by cultural evolution which happened in local kitchens. These kinds of cookbooks tell a story. It teaches the passionate cook about how such food came about- the story behind the ingredients, the reason for its conception etc. These kinds of books are very exact. If it is Italian cooking then expect the prominence of cheeses, tomatoes and other herbs. For French, the prominence of wine and butter are expected. And for most Asian dishes, chilli spices and noodles are to be look forward to. Artistic cookbooks bring about new ways of preparing traditional foods so it can be appreciated by more people, or specific types of people. An example is a vegetarian cookbook or a cookbook which targets diabetics. These are the "usual" dishes but meat is sometimes changed to vegetables or tofu, and carbohydrates are often changed to whole wheat and whole grains. Cookbooks are definitely helpful in understanding the way of life of different societies. These books tell a story of survival, celebration, scarcity or bounty or certain places, regions, era, or century. It can also be observed that the diet of different societies sometimes depend on their faith, beliefs, demography or most often than not, climate. It is of course, expected for people who live near the sea to have lots of sea foods in their diets. Food as Nostalgia Some women in the study conducted by Jean Duruz (1999), considered their successful food making practice as derived from natural ability. Most confess early interests in cooking, as they watch their mothers prepare the favorite foods of the family. However, through their narration of experiences, they illustrated how they learned to cook through a layering of knowledge from different influences. The women learned to cook from mothers, mothers-in-law, grandmothers, sisters, servants, aunts, female friends and neighbours, and occasionally fathers, fathers-in-law and husbands. They augmented this knowledge with domestic-science classes in high school and adult-education classes at technical college. Some were self-taught, both before and after marriage, through trial and error and reading cookbooks. According to Jean Duruz (1999), food brings about so much nostalgia in the Australian Society. Duruz describes for cookbooks which evoke 1950s nostalgia in Australia, a nostalgia for times perceived as conflict-free, pre-political, and child-like: "the fifties as a childhood for the nineties." Duruz' nostalgia is comprised of memories, such as the idealized 1950s nuclear family, which never in fact existed. According to Duruz(1999), he recipes and reminiscences are meant to evoke a lost Eden, a time before the fall, with the stress not only on the extended family, but the harmonious community. It is interesting to note that Duruz did not learn to cook as a child, as she recalls that household helpers did most of the cooking in

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Investment That is to Develop New Products Essay

Investment That is to Develop New Products - Essay Example The development of new product is of course risky, time consuming as well as expensive. Firms need to produce dozen of ideas regarding new products where only one idea might result in successful product. The failure rate of new product is much higher than the success rate, as high as 80% and the reason for failure are numerous, like inadequate market survey, poor screening, market orientation, product defects, and some inadequate launching effort (Boone & Kurtz, p.398). Due to high investment which is needed to produce the products and various other steps needed to take care of by the manufacturers to ensure success of the new product, most of the firms think that new product development is not worth huge investment because of the rate of failure, and believes that it is much more feasible and easier to copy the market leaders product. Market leader are referred to as those organization which poses the largest market share in a particular market and the market followers are those org anizations which imitates the top market leaders but at the same time do not upsets the ongoing balance with respect to the competitive power of the respective industry. These market followers prefer to avoid the direct attack and reap the product benefits of innovations which are made by the leaders of the respective market through imitations. To imitate the market leader and avoid making huge investment, the market followers adopt four major approaches, Counterfeiter strategy is adopted by the market followers when they aim to duplicate the products of market leaders and packaging style and therefore sell in the black market. The strategy of counterfeiter has plagued brands like Apple and Rolex mostly in Asia. Secondly, cloner strategy is being used to emulate the market leader’s product name and packaging one such example of cloner is Ralcorp Holdings which sells off imitation of brand cereals in lookalike containers at a much lower price. Thirdly, the market followers ado pt imitator strategy where some features are copied from the market leader while retaining few features of its own. The last strategy used by market followers is the adapter strategy which involves adoption of owns product as that of market leader and sells the product into different market. S&S Cycle supplies engine to the firms which builds bikes like Harley. The company buys, every year Harley Davidson and takes off the engine apart and finds out what to be improved. The followers earn or make profit at a lower rate than the market leaders. One such example s the food processing industry which revealed that only the top two companies were profitable (Kotler, p. 194). Among the mobile phone manufacturer, Philips a well known European brand also fall under the category of market followers. There are other Asian companies which operate on the European mobile market such as Sharp, Haier, Pantech, NEC, Innostream and Sanyo (Anonym, p. 15). Market followers is the runner up organizatio ns in the industry whose major intentions are to hold the market share without investing and also providing challenges to its strong competitors. But however this does not mean that the market followers lack any kind of strategies in fact it is believe of the followers that it is much more advantageous to remain follower and pursue the ‘me too strategy’ rather than being the market leader. The strategy to remain market follower is believed to be effective because the

Widows of the New Testament Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Widows of the New Testament - Essay Example With this concept in mind, the purpose of this essay is to discuss how the New Testament represented these women, given the context of the time as well as deciphering what message was intended by including the tales of these widows in the Bible. Although widows are featured in the books of Luke 7 and 18, Acts 6 and 1 Timothy 5, this essay is going to focus on another selection that discusses widows in the book of Mark, chapter 12. Through an analysis of this text, as well as some secondary references, this paper will discuss how widows are represented in the New Testament, if the context of both the era and culture attribute to this representation and hypothesize about what message the Bible is intending to impart to readers through the inclusion of these tales about widows. In beginning this essay, it is first essential to summarize the text of Mark 12. Amid the lines of Mark 12, there are certain key lessons and parables that emerge. Aside from the parable of the vineyard and the w icked husbandmen, another key part of the chapter is the parable of the widow’s mite. ... Through this parable, there are several key issues that come to light. First and most obvious, the widow is portrayed as a person of kindness and generosity. As Jesus speaks of this widow women, he notes how she was not well off financially but, still found the ability to give all she had in an effort to pay homage to the church and God she loved and revered so much. This aspect about the widow highlights the fact that Jesus seems to be showing readers the gentle and giving nature of women, in this case a widow. By using a widow for this parable, it is evident that Jesus is attempting to demonstrate that even those women who have lost their partners in life still maintain the often feminine traits of unyielding compassion and maternal nature to care and give to others. Through featuring women this way, the parable begins with the widow being immediately established as a woman with a giving and caring nature. In addition to this initial view of the widow, a more complex analysis of th e context of the era surrounding this time leads to the discovery that the widow was in a very desolate position. During the time of the New Testament, poverty levels were at literal desolation. To indicate that someone was particularly poor meant that they were at the lowest level of society possible (Study Light). As Jesus did this in regard to the widow with the two mites, readers can decipher that she was a person who literally had nothing to live off of and struggled just to find food everyday. With this realization, it makes the message of the parable even more astounding that someone in this situation could find it within themselves and their faith to give

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Investment That is to Develop New Products Essay

Investment That is to Develop New Products - Essay Example The development of new product is of course risky, time consuming as well as expensive. Firms need to produce dozen of ideas regarding new products where only one idea might result in successful product. The failure rate of new product is much higher than the success rate, as high as 80% and the reason for failure are numerous, like inadequate market survey, poor screening, market orientation, product defects, and some inadequate launching effort (Boone & Kurtz, p.398). Due to high investment which is needed to produce the products and various other steps needed to take care of by the manufacturers to ensure success of the new product, most of the firms think that new product development is not worth huge investment because of the rate of failure, and believes that it is much more feasible and easier to copy the market leaders product. Market leader are referred to as those organization which poses the largest market share in a particular market and the market followers are those org anizations which imitates the top market leaders but at the same time do not upsets the ongoing balance with respect to the competitive power of the respective industry. These market followers prefer to avoid the direct attack and reap the product benefits of innovations which are made by the leaders of the respective market through imitations. To imitate the market leader and avoid making huge investment, the market followers adopt four major approaches, Counterfeiter strategy is adopted by the market followers when they aim to duplicate the products of market leaders and packaging style and therefore sell in the black market. The strategy of counterfeiter has plagued brands like Apple and Rolex mostly in Asia. Secondly, cloner strategy is being used to emulate the market leader’s product name and packaging one such example of cloner is Ralcorp Holdings which sells off imitation of brand cereals in lookalike containers at a much lower price. Thirdly, the market followers ado pt imitator strategy where some features are copied from the market leader while retaining few features of its own. The last strategy used by market followers is the adapter strategy which involves adoption of owns product as that of market leader and sells the product into different market. S&S Cycle supplies engine to the firms which builds bikes like Harley. The company buys, every year Harley Davidson and takes off the engine apart and finds out what to be improved. The followers earn or make profit at a lower rate than the market leaders. One such example s the food processing industry which revealed that only the top two companies were profitable (Kotler, p. 194). Among the mobile phone manufacturer, Philips a well known European brand also fall under the category of market followers. There are other Asian companies which operate on the European mobile market such as Sharp, Haier, Pantech, NEC, Innostream and Sanyo (Anonym, p. 15). Market followers is the runner up organizatio ns in the industry whose major intentions are to hold the market share without investing and also providing challenges to its strong competitors. But however this does not mean that the market followers lack any kind of strategies in fact it is believe of the followers that it is much more advantageous to remain follower and pursue the ‘me too strategy’ rather than being the market leader. The strategy to remain market follower is believed to be effective because the

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Heart of Darkness Term Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Heart of Darkness - Term Paper Example The script further entails a summary of the ‘Heart of Darkness’ and the implied atrocities that depict the European colonialists as dark hearted, to the extent that they suffice the cultural and societal norms of the African Congo community. The writer narrates that curious Marlow approaches his aunt who works for an exploration company and seeks for a sail to the Belgium colony of Congo1. The aunt grants Marlow the opportunity to make a sail after one of the sailors dies during the war with the African habitats. As he sails the ship alongside the company’s lawyer, accountant, and director, Marlow appears as a person who has no role in the society, as the Europeans tend to realize personality by the relevant qualifications, one has in their civilized world. Because of this factor of civilization, Marlow articulates to the crewmembers that he depicts the European countries as malign and dark hearted, using their enlightened skills to rape colonies off their values2. As he narrates of the hard feelings on the antisocial deeds, the others stare at him without any comments, a factor he holds as ignorance due to his unskillful nature. The issue of culture arises at the time of anchoring the sail at the African shores, Marlow is quick to identify empty creatures with which one comes forward and secures a pack of ship biscuits. He sighs from relief when the creature walks away and gives way for the four to talk with the company’s chief accountant, a well dressed up man. Introductions prevail between the crew and the man as they proceed to the hut. Similarly, Marlow establishes that the Belgian colonists have the mandate and control over the resources available a factor exhibited precisely when the accountant sets out to assess the palms, whereas on the native creatures languish in poverty and hunger as learned from the creature with whom

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Amway Company Analysis

Amway Company Analysis Executive Summary Introduction to Contemporary Development in Business and Management Business environment comprise of political, economic, social and technological (PEST) forces that have the power to control and influence of a business, and that can potentially have both a positive and a negative impact on the business. As we can see, the current economic downturn began with a decline in the business capital and investment. As a result of it, lots of big corporation started to layoff its employee to reduce cost of employment or payout, companies restructuring its strategies, inventory liquidation, practising eco-friendly concept and consumer spending becomes more wane. For instance, ‘the Chicago Boeings Commercial Airplane unit setting its plan to reduce its employment from 20,000 to 30,000 people by the year of 2002, in order to support the uncertainty of the environment faced by its airplane customers Boeing, (2001). Also, ‘retailers reduce its product price and designer products such as Gucci started to merge with other luxury stores to reduce the charge for some goods. This is because consumers tends to focus what they needs, but not what they wants D innocenzio (2009). Basically, the internal environment of a business involves everything within the organisation, such as the organisations structure and culture, its human relations policies and procedures, the skills and experience of the staffs. While the external environment affects every work team in the business and affects the business as a whole. These influences can be categorised under the headings political, economic, socio-cultural, technological, legal and eco-environmental, mnemonic PESTLE. Both, internal and external environment plays an important part in an organisation as they internal environment have influence on the external environment and businesss external environment has a major influence on all of the businesss activity. Introduction to Company Background Amway is a pioneer and leader of worlds largest direct selling companies which are started by Jay Van Andel and Rich Devos in year 1959. The parent company of Amway is actually Alticor Inc. Today, Amway operates in more than 80 countries and territories in Asia, Africa, Europe and the Americas. It offers business opportunity to the people based on retailing beauty, nutritional, wellness and household products. Amway has more than 13,000 employees worldwide while it distributors are part of sales force of more than 3 million owners around the world (Amway, 2006). In this project, I have chosen Amway in China. Amway (China) co. Limited (ACCL) headquarter is in Guangzhou and has two regional offices in Beijing and Shanghai, with more than 5,000 employees and 200 thousand independent business owners (IBOs) in various facilities across the country. ACCL has received the ISO 9001:2000 certificate for quality management and ISO 14001:1996 certificate for environment management. Other than that, ACCL has sponsored more than 3,100 social projects such as health, children, and environmental protection project and with the total contribution of nearly RMB 190 million (Amway China, 2006). Challenges faced by Amway in China When Amway enter to China, the company takes time to adjust to the local culture. As a result, the company use the principles of their business concept which is able to adapt to any country around the world and. The company was operated by the local employee to help them enhance the culture knowledge, give advice on direction of the development of the company and also to run the business as they are more familiar with the local cultures (China Daily, 2008). Besides that, they also meet pyramid selling threats. This is because; the local Chinese people cannot distinguish between direct selling and pyramid selling. The company was forced to cease the operation for two months. However, their worked to explain the nature of the business and how it could contribute to the development of the country and finally they were allowed to reopen again (China Daily, 2008). Although it was a difficult challenges to overcome, but they gain greater respect for and a better understanding to the Chines e government. Internal Analysis of the Company By analysing the internal itself of an organisation, the organisation is able to determine what it can do to achieve the objectives. From there, a company will be able to match a function of its resources, capabilities, core competencies, and competitive advantages with the function of it opportunities and threats in the external environment. This allows the company to develop visible vision, mission, and select a properly strategies to be implemented. There are few models that we can use to analysis the internal environment such as SWOT analysis and perceptual mapping. SWOT Analysis ‘SWOT refers to a method for analysing four aspects of an organisation and is a way of conducting performance audit method, means, and their effectiveness Kaufman, Oakley-Browne, Watkins, Leigh (2003 p, 259). First of all is strength, which is analysing those strengths of the organisation. This will allow future strategies and tactics to be implemented successfully. Second, weakness is to analyse those internal processes, resources, and cultural elements that will be barriers to achieving organisation objectives. Third, opportunities is to analyse those demands and influences in the environment that could be used in future to develop better methods. And finally, threats is analyse those external demand and influences in the environment that could be a barriers to future outcomes. Company Vision The ACCL vision is to work each and every day to help people to live better lives. By helping people everywhere to discover their potential goals, offering better value and quality products for consumers, sharing generously with the global community, the corporate contributions that help improve the quality of live in China and by providing personal assistance to individuals in need especially children. Other than that, the Company takes pride in their commitment to business excellence, caring for people and their communities and concern for the environment. Functions are perform by IBOs IBOs is an Independent Business Owners which perform function associated with management. They are in-charge in organising meetings and events. Also, they devise incentive programs and recruitments. Marketing for Amway products and the Amway business is also part of their responsibility. Perceptual Mapping External Analysis of the Company Changes in the business environment create both opportunities and threats to the organisations development. Therefore, it is important to ensure there is a continuous monitoring the environment of the organisation in order to build its business, development strategic capabilities that move the organisation forward and improving its services and products to meet the need of customers. Ecological Factors ‘Corporate ecology is a term used to describe process through which resources are allocated and transformed by corporate entities for use by citizen in modern, free market societies ( Sharma, Starik, and Husted, 2007, p,140). It represents a mindset direct toward deeper understanding and appreciation of the dynamic process through which resources are redistributed. In other words, as corporations act in pursuit of their goals they have direct and indirect impact on a variety of people, communities, governments and the natural environmental systems such as air, water, and biodiversity. Its influences within Organisation Policies and Decision Making There are quite a numbers of community programs has been carry out by ACCL. For instance, ACCL sponsored environmental theme park in China. The event was held on 13th and 14th June, 2008 to create awareness to the children to protecting the environment. Apart from that, this program helps enhance peoples environmental awareness by identifying the blind spots of environmental protection. Meanwhile, to support the Amway vision by helping people live better lives in China (Hertstein, 2009). Next, ACCL donated 1.06million Yuan to set up Amway Spring Bud Teacher Training Centre in Dayang on May 2008. ACCl partnered with China children and teenagers fund (CCTF) to launch the charity fund which focuses on providing long-term professional education and physiological training for the local teachers (China Daily, 2009). The purposes of the events was to help local teachers have a better understanding towards childrens psychological characteristics, psychological therapy practice on kids, and psychological self relief of the teachers at the earthquake-stricken area. Aside from psychological counselling, the charity project also aims to rebuild the education infrastructure and repair schools. Furthermore, on 8th May, 2008 the ‘Sunshine Project is cooperation between ACCL with the China Children and Teenagers Fund (CCTF). Due to a nationwide urbanization initiative in China, children of migrant families believe to have not received the same education and health support as compared with other city children. Project Sunshine is aim to make a significant impact and create awareness of this social issue. Meanwhile, helping, identify needs and give support to these migrant children and family and create an opportunity for them to share same education and health support. Evaluate the Effectiveness of the Organisation Response The event of ACCL sponsoring of Environment Theme park has resulted increasing interest in environmental protection and realising the importance of harmony between economic and environmental development from the Chinese government (Herstein, 2009). On 31st May, 2009 Amway was granted the ‘China Childrens Charity Award by the All China Womens Federation (ACWF) and CCTF in recognition of the Amway Spring Bud Teacher Training Centre (Herstein, 2009). These teachers from the centre were estimated will help 15,000 children. On 31st March, 2009, Amways Project Sunshine received two recognitions from China Enterprise News which are ‘Excellent Corporate Social Responsibility Program for a Multinational Corporations and ‘Most Innovative Corporate Social Responsibility Program (Herstein, 2009). In the next three years, more than 45,000 children will be empowered with knowledge through various activities that integrate migrant children with urban school children by Amway community.

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Television and Media - TV Violence and Childrens Behavior Essay

Television Violence and Children's Behavior    Drive-by shootings and school massacres are just two of the many violent past-times of today’s youth. Is television a contributor to this insidious erosion of children's respect for life?   Much research that has been done in an attempt to answer this question. The majority of the findings are very similar in content, and the results are grim.   Television violence has been shown to cause four major changes in children's behavior:   "Increasing aggressiveness and anti-social behavior, increasing their fear of becoming victims, making them less sensitive to violence and to victims of violence, and increasing their appetite for more violence in entertainment and in real life."   (AAP Committee)   Television is causing a change in America's children, and it is not a change for the better. If watching television is increasing children's aggressive behavior, then is it also causing a higher crime rate?   Once again, the answer is a resounding yes.   "Longitudinal studies tracking viewing habits and behavior patterns of a single individual found that 8-year-old boys who viewed the most violent programs while growing up were the most likely to engage in aggressive and delinquent behavior by age 18 and serious criminal behavior by age 30." (Booth, Mullins, Scott, and Woolston)   Not only do our children exhibit an immediate reaction to violence in the media but also a long term effect of a higher propensity toward committing crimes.   Another population study stated that the homicide rate doubled within ten to fifteen years after the introduction of television into several different locations where television was introduced at different times.   (Facts About Media Violence)   We are all affect... ...can child reaches the age of 16, he or she will have witnessed 200,000 acts of violence on television, including 33,000 murders.   (Juvenile Crime and TV)   Apparently we accept what we see over and over again as normal behavior.   We are teaching our children that violence is acceptable by inviting it into our homes everyday.   They, in turn, are becoming more violent from the playgrounds all the way to the prisons. Works Cited Booth, Vicki, Mullins, Heather, Scott, Erika, and Woolston, Jonathon.   "Juvenile Crime and TV."   Online. "Facts About Media Violence."   Online. AAP Committee on Pediatrics. "Some Things You Should Know About Media Violence and Media Literacy."   Online.

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impresonment is more humane than capitol punishment :: essays research papers

Imprisonment is More Humane than Capital Punishment Murder, where to commit it. Canada vs. U.S.A. In this essay you will learn about Peter and Joe. Peter lives in Canada, he killed five people and was sentenced to the maximum sentence of twenty-five years. Joe lives in the United States and also killed five people, he received a death sentence. Please remember in this essay Peter and Joe are not real people they are just used to explain this essay. First we will learn about Peter’s sentence of twenty-five years, then we will learn about Joe’s death sentence. First lets talk about Peter. He has a life sentence, which in Canada is twenty-five years. I believe this is not a whole life, with all the privileges Peter can earn it’s just like sitting at home, and not going to work. After fifteen years Peter can apply for parole, he most likely won’t get it considering he killed five people. Peter has his own room with a toilet, still he has no privacy. Guards are watching him throughout most of the day. Peter has many privileges like television, gym access, library access, the telephone and also visitors. However these privileges are not â€Å"free† they are earned by being good. The question about going insane well I really don’t think he could. If he can sit around, watch television, read books, workout, and well be lazy, how could you go insane like that?   Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Now, back to Joe, he lives in the United States. He was convicted of killing five people also, he received a death sentence. Joe is now waiting on death row. His death date is three years from now. Joe spends about twenty-three hours a day in his room on death row, he gets about one hour to walk around. Like Peter Joe does not have privileges like television, gym access, and visitors. He gets books and maybe the telephone at certain times. Now about two months before Joe’s death date he is told that it has been changed to another two years from now. This could happen up to ten times before the actual date of his death. I think that this could make a person go insane, sitting in a room almost all day, knowing when your date to die is and then changing it over and over again.

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Rates Of Medication Errors Health And Social Care Essay

The purpose of the research, Rates of medicine mistakes among down and burnt out occupants: prospective cohort survey by Fahrenkopf, A M et Al. is clearly stated with clear background to the survey in the â€Å" Introduction † subdivision. The survey aimed â€Å" to find the prevalence of depression and burnout and whether a relation exists between these upsets and medicine mistakes † in pediatric occupants. Although the rates of depression and burnt outs in occupants have been extensively studied but ne'er has these two factors been quantified consistently against medicine mistake rates hence doing this research an original piece of work. The writers did non declare any struggle of involvement that may bias their research methodological analysis or decisions. However, the rubric of the paper is misdirecting as it suggests that it applies to all occupants but the writers are merely concentrating on pediatric occupants. Furthermore hypothesis of this survey was non clear ly presented.What did they make?This primary survey was carried out in the signifier of cohort survey dwelling of two control groups of non-depressed and non-burnt out pediatric occupants from three different infirmaries from mid-May through the terminal of June 2003. However, research workers did non clearly warrant why the survey was conducted merely in these â€Å" three urban freestanding kids ‘s infirmary † and why informations from intensive attention units or ambulatory scenes were non included in the survey. Furthermore, there was a four twelvemonth spread from the clip of research to that of printing this paper in 2008. The consequences derived may non to the full applicable as there may hold been alterations in the environment in which occupants are in which brings about a demand for new research to determine the findings. From the direction of namelessness and confidentiality of occupants ‘ individuality it can be seen that the writers had carried out the survey with strict control. Furthermore, medicine mistake informations extractors used were incognizant of the on-going survey which farther minimizes possible prejudice that may originate during the aggregation of mistakes. However, the writers besides informed the participants â€Å" the lone case in which confidentiality would be brokenaˆÂ ¦if they were an immediate danger to themselves or others – that is, showed self-destructive or murderous ideation † and this poses a possible prejudice where participants may under study if they were of all time in such a state of affairs. Although both the quantitative and qualitative tools used in the survey through the usage of well-established questionnaires matched the survey nonsubjective and was suited for the survey design, the executing of the questionnaires for depression and fire out, in my sentiment, could hold been done better with proper psychiatric rating to minimise any prejudice from the occupants as they may either under study or over report their ain status. The writers besides did non reference when these two questionnaires were completed, the frequence of which they were done by the occupants and how they eventually came to the figure of burned out or down occupants.What did they happen?The survey found that down occupants are significantly more likely to do medicine mistakes as opposed to their non-depressed equals while burnt out was found to hold no association with medicine mistake rates. Consequences are by and large clearly reported but with some ambiguity one of the tabular arraies ( Table 2 ) provided. The writer portrayed the informations collected in the signifier of two tabular arraies and to give a diagrammatic representation of their findings, the informations were so set in four saloon graphs showing per centum with P-value. However, information in Table 2 for â€Å" Entire mistakes per occupant, by class † was presented mistakenly as it included site 3 ‘s occupants under nothing mistakes when they did non hold the informations on medicine mistake linked to the participants for that site which may do misunderstanding to readers at first glimpse. The decisions derived can non be generalized to the whole pediatric occupant population even though consequences show that the survey population was valid to fulfill the aim of the survey. The sample size and scene are unequal to claim that the findings represent the whole of pediatric occupants because the survey was merely done in urban freestanding kids ‘s infirmaries and the figure of down occupants were excessively little ( n=24 ) doing the consequences and p-value statistically important but equivocal. Regardless, the research was carried out as intended and the purposes of the paper achieved.So what?Regardless of the statistical significance, the consequences are clinically of import as it highlights the significance of depression in relation to medication mistake rates which may finally take to patient safety concerns. Several reasonable and realistic suggestions for farther research were proposed but they were non elaborated in great inside informations. The writers stated that the more research is required to â€Å" specify better how depression and burnout affect occupants and patient attention in other fortes and to specify better the insouciant relation between depression and mistakes † The writers besides acknowledge their restrictions in great inside informations during in the â€Å" Discussion † session foregrounding that they were clearly cognizant of the jobs within the survey. The survey besides adds usefully to bing cognition as it is the first to quantify the effects of down occupants to the rate of medicine mistakes and had shown that down occupants are significantly more likely to do medicine mistakes. However, it should be noted that this survey may non generalizable as it is done merely in three urban free standing kids ‘s infirmary therefore it did non account for the discrepancy in work load in different fortes and vicinity. Bibliography Fahrenkopf, A M et Al. ( 2012 ) .A Ratess of medicine mistakes among down and burnt out occupants: prospective cohort study.Available: hypertext transfer protocol: // Last accessed 12th Dec 2012. Trisha Greenhalgh ( 2010 ) .A How to read a paper. 4th erectile dysfunction. Chichester: Wiley. p31-60.Part 2A Report to the Minister of Health of MalaysiaA survey on â€Å" Ratess of medicine mistakes among down and burnt out occupants: prospective cohort survey † by Fahrenkopf, A M et Al.A brief sum-up of the survey:This survey is carried in the United States by 9 research workers on 123 pediatric occupants across 3 kids ‘s infirmary to happen out if there is a relationship between depression and burnout to the rates of medicine mistakes. The writers identified down pediatric occupants are significantly more likely to do medicine mistakes whereas burnt out has no association to the rate of medicine mistakes.Key messages derived from the survey:High prevalence of burnt outs and depression among pediatric occupantsThe survey found that burnt out affected 75 % of the pediatric occupants and 20 % of the occupants were at high hazard for depression. Of the down occupants, a n dismaying 96 % were besides burnt out.Depressed occupants made more than 6 times more medicine mistakes than their equals.Harmonizing to the survey, â€Å" Depressed occupants in pediatricss made more than six times the mistakes in medicine than their non-depressed co-workers † whereas burnt out had no association to the rates of medicine mistakes made. This calls for concern to patient safety as down occupants may potentially increase the figure of preventable patient mortality.Poor wellness and occupation public presentation evaluationsHealth and occupation public presentation evaluations conducted in the survey showed that both down and burnt out occupants scored significantly poorer. Depressed occupants were significantly more likely to describe their wellness as hapless, working in an impaired status more than twice in the old month and to describe hard concentrating at work. Burn out occupants on the other manus are significantly more likely to describe trouble concen trating on work and being worried that they are depressed.Sleep want may play a function in incidence of medical mistakeHarmonizing to the survey, 47.2 % of all pediatric occupants studied reported to hold made â€Å" important † medical mistake due to kip want. This shows that the deficiency of slumber may impair the opinion of occupants and this call for concerns sing overworked occupants ‘ and their ability to supply quality attention for patients without compromising patient ‘s safety.Deductions of this survey:Bettering working conditionsWith about half the occupants describing that they had made important medical mistake due to kip want, the figure of work hours occupants are made to travel through at any point in clip should be reviewed to guarantee that occupants are able to supply quality attention at no via media to patient safety. As with the Health Facts 2012 released by the Ministry of Health, the current physician to patient ratio is now 1:791. A decr ease in this ratio may help to distribute the work load more equally across the board which will take to a possible decrease in work hours and finally understating the degree of medical mistakes made due to kip want.Regular mental wellness showings for occupantsWith such a high prevalence in depression and fire out amongst occupants, regular mental wellness showing will assist guarantee that occupants who are confronting any signifier of upsets seek intervention early so as to cut down any possible side effects that may impact their ability to execute and at the same clip uphold patient safety so that medicine mistakes may be minimised to a lower limit.Further research on depression and fire out effects on occupants ‘ rate of medicine mistake in MalayaAs the research was conducted in USA, the difference in vicinity and working environment could hold presented a different set of work stressors to the pediatric occupants at that place. A research conducted locally for the occupa nts in Malaysia will assist determine the effects of these upsets and besides assist place the cardinal countries for betterment to understate the incidence of preventable patient mortality caused by down or fire out occupants.

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Movie Analysis: The Twilight Essay

Outline I.Introduction A.Thesis Statement The movie Twilight Eclipse was the third part of the Twilight Saga. This movie was just a romance movie with a twist. The director and producer tried to bring the old and the new together by encompassing what we think we know about vampires and adding a new dimension to it. With the latest cinematography and the new technology they made every scene believable and kept the audience wanting more. It showed us a new vampire and werewolves. II.Body paragraph # 1- Topic Sentence #1 Throughout the movie the audience was kept enthralled by sequence of event and the ever changing relationships between the wolves’, vampires, and Bella. A.Supporting Evidence Each scene in the movie was full of action and suspense like the one with the confrontation between Edward and Jacob. How the director made it point to do a close up on Edward when he confronted Jacob about the kiss. The amount of restraint that showed on his face. B.Explanation For both actors to be convincing regarding their other side and believable about their human side took dedication and the right camera angle to pull it off. C.So What? This was accomplished with perfect shot and the correct angles and lighting.. III.Body paragraph # 2- Topic Sentence #2 Every movie we ever seen with vampire depicted them as heartless with only one goal and that is to feed. Yet this movie showed us a total different aspect. Was it believable or not. The directors point of view was evident in every shot. A.Supporting Evidence The scene with Bella (Kristen Stewart) and Rosalie (Nikki Reed) on the balcony and Rosalie tells Bella she is making a wrong choice. In this scene we are able to see the director giving vampires a new look. He is giving them feelings something we have not seen in other movies. B.Explanation The scene takes place on the balcony of Edwards home and the lighting is soft and there is very little sound other than the words that are being spoken. We can read the pain in Rosalie eyes as she speaks but what she has missed by being a vampire and how Bella is just giving this up as if it is nothing. C.So What? It is ironic if you think about the other movies we have seen and we look at this one because the Cullen is like no other Vampires we have ever heard of. All the discussion between them make us feel their pain the regret that they have but it also shows the love they have for each other and how protective they are for there family. IV.Body paragraph # 3- Topic Sentence #3 As the story progress we were able to see the direction in which the director wanted us to go. Even though this was a love story it showed the innovation of the writers and director. Each scene had the exact demographic of the time period in which it was encompassing. Whether we were in the present or the past the scene was believable. A.Supporting Evidence When they went to the past and Rosalie was telling how she became a vampire you could almost smell the air just from the scene that unfolded. You could smell the liquor on her fiancà © breath you could feel the excitement come off the men around her and you could taste the fear she felt. B.Explanation As her fiancà © grabbed her and breathe on her and spoke unspeakable words the terror was coming off the screen. But even more than that the music and the lighting gave away the fear she was experiencing. C.So What? V.Body paragraph #4- Topic Sentence #4 A.The actors in this movie were not well known prior to the Twilight Saga however now they will be known as stars. This movie has elevated there status in the movie industry. Jacob (Taylor Lautner) has become a star player in the movie industry due to this movie. B.Explanation He later starred in Abduction. C.So What? VI.Conclusion As the movie came to a conclusion we all had a new respect for Vampires and Werewolves. The old look was of a blood thirsty individual that would not stop for nothing. The werewolves also was portrayed in earlier movies as unable to stop once they turned yet in this movie they feel, they love and they are a unit that have progressed into a family. This was the beginning of woman power. This time gave woman the power to know that they did not have to rely on a man to survive. Yes it nice to have one by your side but it is better to achieve on your own. Those men who felt threaten by the women should have felt strength by it because with a strong woman beside them they could accomplish so much more. References Bhabha, Homi, 1995, The Location of Culture’ New York: Routledge. Print Clugston, R. W. (2010). Journey into literature. San Diego, California: Bridgepoint Education, Inc. Retrieved from Head, Dominic, ‘Cambridge Studies in African and Carribean Literature-Nadine Gordimer’ Cabbridge: Cambridge University Press.1994.Print Smith, Rowland, 1990,Critical Essays on Nadine Gordimer Boston: G. K. Hall& Co.Print Walker, A., (1973). In Love & Trouble: Stories of Black Women. New York: Harcourt Brace Jovanovich, 81-87.

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Jason Aldean Night Train Essay

Jason Aldean is an American country music singer who since 2005, has recorded for Broken Bow Records. In his years as an artist he has released five albums and sixteen singles. His 2010 album My Kinda Party is certified double platinum by the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA). His 2005 self-titled debut, 2007 album Relentless and 2009 album Wide Open are all certified platinum. Of his singles, eight have reached the number one position on the Hot Country Songs charts: â€Å"Why†, â€Å"She’s Country†, â€Å"Big Green Tractor†, â€Å"The Truth†, â€Å"Don’t You Wanna Stay† (a duet with Kelly Clarkson), â€Å"Dirt Road Anthem†, â€Å"Fly Over States†, and â€Å"Take a Little Ride†. Seven more have reached top ten on the same chart. Aldean’s latest album titled Night Train debuted at number one on the Billboard 200 charts and number two for the year. Shortly before the release of the album Billboard writer/ reviewer Ray Waddell did a detailed track-by-track review of the album. In this he talked about how originality, pace, musical skill, lyrics, overall impact and production played a part in each of the songs. Overall his review of the album Night Train and Jason Aldean as an artist was very detailed and applauded Aldean on his new album. Before Ray Waddell the reviewer of Jason Aldean’s Night Train album does a track-by-track review he does an overall review and quotes from both Aldean and his producer Michael Knock about the album. In this overall review Waddell talks about the type of music that the album has the instruments used and what as a whole the album has to offer the listeners and fans. The part that stands out most from the Billboard review and that really shines a light on Waddell’s feelings of the album is when Waddell says that â€Å"In the end, the two ended up with a record that stays true to Aldean’s sound and still manages to move that sound forward sonically, vocally and lyrically.† (Waddell) This shows that not only what Jason wanted and tried to get out of and across with this album but also what the producer wanted from this album came true. Both men and the many men and women that they work with put in many hard long hours and in the end it paid off. From Waddell’s review fans can read that Jason Aldean has put out another successful album that is moving into the future in all aspects but is what the fans have grown to love and expect. The first seven tracks on the Night Train album are â€Å"This Nothin’ Town†, â€Å"When She Says Baby†, â€Å"Feel That Again†, â€Å"Wheels Rollin’†, â€Å"Talk†, â€Å"The Only Way I Know†, and â€Å"Take A Little Ride†. Each of these tracks bring something new to the stage but they also contain bits and pieces of the old and the things that work. In the first track â€Å"This Nothin’ Town† review Waddell points out that in the song Jason says â€Å"There’s something to be said when you hear a song for the first time, those visions pop into your head, and you can see it. This is one of those songs† (Aldean) Each of these songs has something special about it and in the review Weddell points out the strong points of each song. Some of the comments that he had about these songs included â€Å"Despite the ringing guitars and an arena-rock sound, this ones harkens back to ’70s rock bands like Kansas or Journey, blended in with a prominent vocal by Aldean and a strong sense of melody, and A great intro leads to a power ballad that sequences perfectly on the record. Add a blistering guitar solo and Aldean’s ownership of the vocal and this one sounds like a hit.† (Weddell) These along with the many others show that this album is really something special and not just another country music album. Weddell looks at every aspect of a song and critiques each of those aspects individually and all together so for this album to have done so well it is really an accomplishment on the part of Aldean and his production crew and band. The last eight tracks of the album are â€Å"I Don’t Do Lonely Well†, â€Å"Night Train†, â€Å"1994†, â€Å"Staring at the Sun†, â€Å"Drink One for Me†, â€Å"Black Tears†, â€Å"Walking Away†, and â€Å"Water Tower†. Just like the first seven Weddell gives high marks for these tracks. He talks about what each track contains both vocal and instrumental wise but also talks to and about Aldean about his reaction to these tracks and the process that he went through when creating them. Some of the many positive review points include â€Å" One of the album’s standout tracks, this funky hick-hop blockbuster is a tribute to Joe Diffie and the ’90s, and The albums most notable ballad and powerful vocal, with the great line, â€Å"She gets under your skin like a tattoo,† a wah-wah guitar solo, and nostalgic feel.† (Waddell) In the last eight tracks are some of the most notable and powerful songs and Waddell points this out to further signify that this album and its tracks are good and have put together work for Aldean and the country music industry. Some may say that this was just another typical Jason Aldean album and that he is just wasting time recording other people’s songs. It is through this review anyone can see that although he may not write the song he makes it his own through the way that he sings performs and records the song. It is apparent that each of the songs means something to him. Included in this review Aldean says that â€Å"Night Train’ was a perfect example of just how far things have come the last few years, going from a bus pulling a trailer to now like a freight train with bus and tractor trailers. The title, more than the song, sums up where we’re at right now.†(Aldean) This is what make the album good and what proves that the review is positive and effective. It does not matter what everyone out there thinks it is what the fans and supporters think. Night Train is an effective album both in that it has true meaning and influence but also in that it effectively show that Jaso n Aldean along with country music are moving forward in all aspects of the music.

Sx wk2 Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Sx wk2 - Essay Example This is where Freud suggests that children begin to form an attraction to their opposite sexed parent. In the fourth stage, called the latency stage, the child has dormant sexual feelings instead of acting on them (six years old to puberty). Finally in the fifth stage, the child is beginning to show interest in their genitals and they are they are beginning to start sexual activity or at least talking about it (puberty and up). (Feist and Rosenberg, 2010, p. 505). Freud believed that sexuality was a natural experience for a human being. He believed that there was nothing wrong with homosexuality and it was not at all pathological. He said that "all human beings are intrinsically bisexual" (Bohan, 1996, p. 76). Basically he felt that heterosexuality and homosexuality were natural outgrowths of human sexuality. He also called it a "developmental distortion" (Bohan, p. 76). Freud thought that children determined their sexuality when they were younger and it would depend on the relationship that the child had with their parents. He believed that both heterosexuality and homosexuality came form a "castration complex" when a boy found out that his mother was different than he was because she did not have a penis; a boy could also have problems breaking away from a mother who was domineering ( He also saw that boys and girls had their first attractions to people of the opposite sex when they found themselves attracted to their opposite sex parent. He stated that boys would develop an Oedipus Complex and girls would develop an Electra Complex. He believed that no matter what the sexuality, it was a healthy outgrowth of development. Freud was a very interesting man and it is known that he studied mostly the people who were in mental institutions where he worked. This is why many researchers criticize his work. Do you think that studying the mentally ill tainted his results? Would you think that the

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Organizational Cultures-The Jewelry Industry Case Study

Organizational Cultures-The Jewelry Industry - Case Study Example The company follows a long supply chain hence making it extremely important for the communication to be effective and efficient. The communication goes in sequence of hierarchy and follows supply chain management making it easier for the business and operations to run smoothly. The organization handles raw materials that are expensive hence the communication process and practices should be precise and to the point. To the organization the most important thing is the consumer confidence as the company deals with people's dreams, desires and their self-image that are enhanced or improved by the products that they produce. It is strictly advised that code of conduct should be followed by all the personals employed in a correct and effective way in order to maintain the ethical standards of the brand. The ethical issues related to this company mostly concern human rights and mining as both of these give rise to ethical and environmental issues. Organizational diversity is present in this company as it is present in almost all the organizations working with diamonds. The special emphasize is on the craftsmen ship and hand art to shape up the elements into beautiful diamonds hence people from all around the world become the part of the process of production (Joanne Martin 2001). Though new technology takes over diamond production and now manufacturing of diamonds is done through machines still a lot of organizational diversity is being experienced. The diversity is handled in the same way as it is handled in any other organization that is by creating cross-functional teams and taking into consideration the benefits of having a diverse work force. Dress and language (jargon) The dress and language at any organization that manufactures or produces diamonds is simple and easy to understand, as there is not much technicality apart from the machines that are being used to process the elements. The dress code used is normally the one used all over the world that is formal but non-formal dressing is acceptable. Organizational customs Organizations have different customs and rituals. At DeBears special get together are arranged that have people from different departments meet each other and discuss their side of work. This not only helps in making a community inside the organization but also helps in making employees of different departments learn how things are going in the same organizations but in different segments of the company. Stories of employees that have made history or were high performance workers are shared among employees to raise motivation levels. Conflict management As mentioned above the company consists of a long supply chain hence handling conflicts becomes difficult but special rules and regulations and reporting techniques are being followed to reduce this difficulty. Managers and mentors are there to prevent conflict and in situations of conflict special step-by-step procedures are followed to handle the situation. Observable organizational policies The observable policies include following of ethics, it should be made sure that each and every individual in the organization follows rules and regulations. Time punctuality is strictly followed. Daily operations are conducted in a proper hierarchical way. Reporting of misconduct to customers

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Lucent Technologies Case Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Lucent Technologies Case - Essay Example In this context, multiple factors can be held liable that had been accountable for getting subjected to this setback. Within these identified factors, the profitability of the company along with the equity multiples are the major deterrents. Apart from these two, the asset turnover had also contributed within this ROE fall (Tagliani, 2009). From the above tables, it can be clearly observed that the asset turnover rate dropped down subsequently from 35.25% in 1998 to 25.64% in 2000. As a result, a drop in the level of ROE and Return on Assets (ROA) can also be estimated. Apart from all these, the company business functionality also appeared to have boosted the long-term debt aspect that in turn had negatively impacted the overall financial stability of Lucent Technologies. In a cause and effect manner, the company’s liquidity went down by drastic levels and thus, resulted in deteriorating the performance of the company in the years 1998, 1999 and 2000 (Palepu & Healy, 2007). Lucent Technologies appeared to have made drastic changes within a very short tenure. With the prime intention of attracting more and more investors, the company made significant amount of efforts towards making its annual statements more transparent and understandable. The table below projects a clear understanding of the types of changes identified in Sales, Accounts Receivable, Inventory and Gross Margin for the five quarterly periods i.e. from December 1998 to December 1999. From the above table, improvement in the sales figures of the company can be indentified during the quarter of March-June 1999 by 12 %. Although, the company attained a growth rate for the consecutive two quarters after the quarter of Dec’1998 to March’1999, but could not retain the growth pace in a sustainable manner. The percentage rate of receivables for the company also dropped subsequently. In term of inventory, it

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Business studies Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

Business studies - Essay Example Diversity was not encouraged neither welcome. However, organizations view diversity at workplace as a positive sign and they even try to position themselves as the champions of diversity. Minority groups are no longer forced to fit-in, in fact, organizations make an effort to understand their culture and background to deal with them in harmony (Ham, Shams & Madden, pp. 60-64, 2004). This paper is an attempt to look at how an American businessperson can reach the same wavelength as his Saudi Arabian counterpart while dealing with him regarding business issues. This paper will take use of the classic research of Hofstede and Trompenaars in order to explore lesson for the American businessperson as in to understand the Saudi Arabian culture. Discussion Despite the fact that the entire world is quickly moving away from traditional concepts in all occupations, Saudi Arabia is still one of those countries, which have remained as theoretic Islamic monarchy. This means that the concept of re ligious freedom does not exist even in its theoretical form. The constitution of Saudi Arabia assumes that all the citizens are Muslims, however, it does not prohibit from being a non-Muslim. However, important here to note is that any expression of any religion, other than Islam, in public is taken as misappropriate behavior in public (Shoult, pp. 89-96, 2006). Furthermore, even if someone is found to be following any other religion even in their private lives inside their homes, police has all the right to break in, arrest, and punish those individuals. In fact, there is an entire committee of officers with the name of Committee for the Promotion of Virtue and the Prevention of Vice, which takes the responsibility of application of Shariah Laws on every individual (Morrison & Conaway, pp. 69-74, 2006). Therefore, this means many different things. Nothing can take place, which is not in line with Islam. There are many examples. For example, no liquor would be tolerated even for cel ebration of a business deal or successful completion of a project. Women cannot wear revealing or tight dresses, in fact, it necessary for women to cover their bodies. Furthermore, a considerable distance is important to keep between men and women during their work and conservations. While meetings, it is advisable not to make any comment on the women, which are more than 12 years of age, of the family of the Saudi counterpart. Conversations should start with Islamic greeting line, which is â€Å"As-salam alaikum†, and the reply shall be â€Å"Waf alaikum as-salam† (Ham, Shams & Madden, pp. 60-64, 2004). One of the biggest problems that western businesspersons face while dealing with Saudi people is regarding the conception of time. There is a huge difference between the value, perception, importance, and concept of time in both of these cultures. In western cultures, time is equivalent to money, a very crucial resource, important to use it fully and do not waste any o f it. Business meetings have fixed timings and participants try their level best to ensure that meetings must start at the specific time. Anyone who is late is considered as lazy, lethargic, rude, arrogant, careless, irresponsible and offensive (Shoult, pp. 89-96, 2006). People do not prefer to wait for each since waiting for someone has the meaning, which any