Monday, October 7, 2019

Organizational Cultures-The Jewelry Industry Case Study

Organizational Cultures-The Jewelry Industry - Case Study Example The company follows a long supply chain hence making it extremely important for the communication to be effective and efficient. The communication goes in sequence of hierarchy and follows supply chain management making it easier for the business and operations to run smoothly. The organization handles raw materials that are expensive hence the communication process and practices should be precise and to the point. To the organization the most important thing is the consumer confidence as the company deals with people's dreams, desires and their self-image that are enhanced or improved by the products that they produce. It is strictly advised that code of conduct should be followed by all the personals employed in a correct and effective way in order to maintain the ethical standards of the brand. The ethical issues related to this company mostly concern human rights and mining as both of these give rise to ethical and environmental issues. Organizational diversity is present in this company as it is present in almost all the organizations working with diamonds. The special emphasize is on the craftsmen ship and hand art to shape up the elements into beautiful diamonds hence people from all around the world become the part of the process of production (Joanne Martin 2001). Though new technology takes over diamond production and now manufacturing of diamonds is done through machines still a lot of organizational diversity is being experienced. The diversity is handled in the same way as it is handled in any other organization that is by creating cross-functional teams and taking into consideration the benefits of having a diverse work force. Dress and language (jargon) The dress and language at any organization that manufactures or produces diamonds is simple and easy to understand, as there is not much technicality apart from the machines that are being used to process the elements. The dress code used is normally the one used all over the world that is formal but non-formal dressing is acceptable. Organizational customs Organizations have different customs and rituals. At DeBears special get together are arranged that have people from different departments meet each other and discuss their side of work. This not only helps in making a community inside the organization but also helps in making employees of different departments learn how things are going in the same organizations but in different segments of the company. Stories of employees that have made history or were high performance workers are shared among employees to raise motivation levels. Conflict management As mentioned above the company consists of a long supply chain hence handling conflicts becomes difficult but special rules and regulations and reporting techniques are being followed to reduce this difficulty. Managers and mentors are there to prevent conflict and in situations of conflict special step-by-step procedures are followed to handle the situation. Observable organizational policies The observable policies include following of ethics, it should be made sure that each and every individual in the organization follows rules and regulations. Time punctuality is strictly followed. Daily operations are conducted in a proper hierarchical way. Reporting of misconduct to customers

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