Friday, October 18, 2019

Are online courses taught responsibility Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 words - 1

Are online courses taught responsibility - Essay Example One of the areas where it has exerted great changes is in education whereby, learning activity has changed from more interactive face-to-face learning to a less interactive online learning environment also referred to as e-learning (Sandel, 2007). This form of training is gaining popularity across the globe due to increasing use of internet and need to streamline the flow of information in all sectors of the economy. This has resulted to student’s reliance on computer from their own places of convenience as opposed to classroom culture where students interact with their teachers and their colleagues (Tait, 2003). However, this approach of teaching has raised concern of morality regarding the competence and fairness of online tutorials in fulfilling the essence of learning to the students. This system may still disadvantage some learners who may lack access to online tutorials due to high cost of connection and other materials (Howar, Schenk, & Discenza, 2004). This study will focus on different moral rules to assess the efficiency of online teaching to the distance learners. Education should contribute to equality of all students from various backgrounds by making it available and affordable to all. â€Å"Utilitarianism theory of ethics,† requires individuals to k\make their own decisions based on what they consider best for them (Sandel, 2007). Therefore, individuals can chose between online and classroom approach depending which method will satisfy their needs best. Electronic learning offers equality to many families as opposed to traditional methods of attending their studies in a classroom (Bates, 2005). This is because all students face equal treatment in case of online learning and is not biased compared to face-to-face learning where students attend different learning institutions based on their social status (Tait, 2003). However, this may turn out to be inaccessible by some students who cannot afford to pay for the services. Traditionally,

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