Wednesday, October 2, 2019

Cannibalism Essay example -- Religion Violence Cannibal Essays

Cannibalism Cannibalism has been around since the beginning of time. Mainly as an act of defense or as an alternate, last resort, for food. Cannibalism is also used as an act of violence among animals to preserve their genetics. Human cannibalism however, was not used as an act of violence to cause pain and anguish amongst other human beings. Cannibalism within the human race is widely known throughout the world, though you may not know it. From New Guinea to the high deserts of Arizona the practice of cannibalism has been used. Why cannibalism was practiced is still a mystery to many. Some think it actually was an act of violence, to torture the souls of others as revenge for invading the other person’s territory. Cannibalism, however, has much more meaning than most people actually think. As a religious practice cannibalism is very important to many tribes around the world. Great consequences await those who do not cannibalize their dead. As a source of food, the people who resorted to this were in situations of life or death. They did not kill people around them to survive, but ate the already deceased. However, there are some cases of cannibalism that are not necessary, and have yet to be determined what would provoke someone to eat another person just because they wanted too. For the most part though, cannibalism throughout the world has been questioned but none have really ventured out to find the true answers to it. A very curious subject indeed, cannibalism is not as grim a subject as most people have thought it to be. Although cannibalism is thought to be heatless and cruel, under dire circumstances and for religious purposes, it is not an act of malice. Like many things cannibalism has differe... ... very universal. Cannibalism is not an act of malice to cause pain and anguish to those being cannibalized, for many it is for the better of their people. For survival means, had those people lost not cannibalized the deceased members of their party, no one would have survived. While there are still some cases of cannibalism that are not justified the ones that are recorded are few and far between. Cannibalism is a way of life for some people, why should which be looked down upon and grimaced at? Cannibals are human just like anyone else, with different beliefs and ways of life. It is not cruel to release a loved ones soul into the afterlife, or to make use of a friend that would probably want you to live through something that they happened not to live through. They are not cruel, they cannibalize because it is part of them, in order to live their life.

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