Tuesday, October 15, 2019

Heart of Darkness Term Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Heart of Darkness - Term Paper Example The script further entails a summary of the ‘Heart of Darkness’ and the implied atrocities that depict the European colonialists as dark hearted, to the extent that they suffice the cultural and societal norms of the African Congo community. The writer narrates that curious Marlow approaches his aunt who works for an exploration company and seeks for a sail to the Belgium colony of Congo1. The aunt grants Marlow the opportunity to make a sail after one of the sailors dies during the war with the African habitats. As he sails the ship alongside the company’s lawyer, accountant, and director, Marlow appears as a person who has no role in the society, as the Europeans tend to realize personality by the relevant qualifications, one has in their civilized world. Because of this factor of civilization, Marlow articulates to the crewmembers that he depicts the European countries as malign and dark hearted, using their enlightened skills to rape colonies off their values2. As he narrates of the hard feelings on the antisocial deeds, the others stare at him without any comments, a factor he holds as ignorance due to his unskillful nature. The issue of culture arises at the time of anchoring the sail at the African shores, Marlow is quick to identify empty creatures with which one comes forward and secures a pack of ship biscuits. He sighs from relief when the creature walks away and gives way for the four to talk with the company’s chief accountant, a well dressed up man. Introductions prevail between the crew and the man as they proceed to the hut. Similarly, Marlow establishes that the Belgian colonists have the mandate and control over the resources available a factor exhibited precisely when the accountant sets out to assess the palms, whereas on the native creatures languish in poverty and hunger as learned from the creature with whom

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