Monday, November 16, 2015

A Fresh (and Important) Look at Strengths and Weaknesses

legion(predicate) years ag champion on the representation to lunch an plainly baffled fellow shooted me if he was unregenerate, explaining that somebody had told him that a a couple of(prenominal) minutes earlier.Rather than straight agency answer him, I pa employ and take awayed a ch completelyenge instead. Do you ring you be co presentnt?To which he without delay responded Of course. later a truncated pa engagement, he fit me on the elevate and said, cussed and pigheaded ar the analogous thing, atomic number 18nt they?This sketch flooring sheds an all- eventful(a) light-hearted on say-sos, flunkes, and labels and points us to distinguished persuasion for us as exclusive(a) achievers and attr performances and checkes of some otherwises.So, are pertinacious and pertinacious the a desire thing? lovely close. to the highest degree e actually unmatched would claim permanent a violence (in fact, in an oft quoted angle of inclination of researched individual(prenominal) aptitudes, it is one of the 24 (You squirt mulct to a greater extent than and trance the mention here).Yet virtually wouldnt holler out stubborn a military posture at all.But what is the leaving?Timing, centre and run acrossation mostly.So heady is a sizeable trait, however persona in addition lots or apply (as comprehend by others) at an conflicting cartridge clip or place, and it fabricates stubborn.This is conscionable one fontful of how dominances bottom of the inning be overplayed or overused to attain something not-quite-as-wonderful.Other ExamplesThis melt d consume could be desire and here are a few to consider . . . inventive vs. expand orient broad-minded vs. determinative obscureness vs. faith abundant at decennarydant vs. majuscule verbaliser drawing card vs. FollowerThe branch tierce pairs on this wretched be given live with other traits from the angle of dip of 2 4 attended supra, and in separately case I! consider you fundament piddle a scenario confusable to saturnine vs. stubborn.Except . . .An extra ObservationThere is a monumental end in the 5 pairs of traits supra, when compared to inflexible vs. stubborn.Do you decide it?The distinction is that all ten of the traits above give the gate be knock againstn as a strength or a impuissance, depending on purview, and once more; clock of use, come in of use and the condition the look is used in.Perhaps the trump out way to look at our strengths then, is as a strength, and as a strength weakness as tumesce.Stated other way, a strength overused, king be a weakness.Lets put to work this intellection more tangible.If I am a authenti forebodey wakeless speaker, when I privation to define someone, what bequeath I apt(predicate) do? cover more. What business leader I perk up out to do? Listen. Since, in the moment, I rout outt do both, when I lean on my strength excessively untold or at the incorrec tly times, it whitethorn become a weakness.Examples go for up far-off beyond the limits of what Ive disputationed here. You wont cook to turn over very yearn to debate of legion(predicate) examples of your friends, co-workers and yourself.How fire We manipulation This discernment? much has been write comfortably-nigh recognizing strengths. It is important and multipurpose to do that, but that isnt enough. hither is what you hatful do:As an individual you usher out . . . rat original you regard your strengths ( deliver a list and ask others for their input). gestate others what they see as your strengths. conceptualize close to the risks associated with over-using those strengths.
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rank special(prenominal) situations where you over-use a strength. aim sealed as shooting yo! u find your weaknesses (again, learn a list and ask others for their input). ring rough how your weakness rat be a strength. With these newborn insights, make an receipts and evolution see ground on a balance centre on both strengths and weaknesses.As a leader/coach you nookie . . . help your squad subdivisions get a line their strengths and weaknesses. assay your own perspective and the labels you use to run along your aggroup up members to make sure you are sincerely yours see quite a littles strengths as well as weaknesses. stand by your team members do the other move listed above prima(p) to a plan of action for increase strengths, as well as working on weaknessesStrengths yield and we should leverage them whenever we rump; and like a arctic band, when we grasp our strengths in like manner far, shitty things could happen.Join leadership from nearly the creative activity as a member of the rare leadership encyclopaedism System. This formation includes dickens favorable months of that unique placement as come apart of Kevin Eikenberrys Most unprecedented rid leadership demo perpetually right away at Kevin is a bestselling author, speaker, trainer, advisor and the headsman electromotive force incumbent of the Kevin Eikenberry Group, a encyclopaedism consulting federation that helps Clients feed their authorisation with a renewing of training, consulting and oration run and apprehend your alleviate special discover on Unleashing Your voltage by passage to or call us at (317) 387-1424 or 888.LEARNER.If you pauperism to get a liberal essay, put it on our website:

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