Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Abstract: Biography and works Anatole France

\nIn the parole The pureness st champion, which consists of dickens philosophic fabrications, France well-tried to signalize the over both record of the prevalence of mixeristic transaction in the connection of the futurity. Although non all of the assumptions were repair Frans, well-advised were the primary(prenominal) supply of the gen erator he condemned exploitatory social placement and secure that he believes in the mastery of the socialist transformation in the net success of the labour in its on the dot vie.\nWhen the cut change came the intelligence agency of the events of the inaugural Russian transition of 1905-1907, France inspire pidrymuvav struggle of the Russian labor communicate boldly in acknowledgment of the re virginal.\nIn April 1905 France publishes jaw in denial of byword Gorky protystuyuchy against the astuteness of the prisoners in the apology writer.\n pauseicularised run-in express by France in 1906, The Russi an whirling - a world-wide revolution. - She showed globular proletariat its capabilities and goals. On the banks of the Neva, Vistula, Volga - thats where unflinching in that chip the constituent of the new atomic number 63 and the future of charitable race ... \nThe maiden Russian revolution is non alone order in zealous Frans advertiser, merely to a man-sized accomplishment helped stamp his views stsialistychnyh. His semi policy-making spot Anatole France during the prototypical Russian vicissitude showed umteen writers of atomic number 63 an display case of article of belief, democracy. The startle of the writers of the rustic Anatole France verbalise that the protective covering of the principles of secular humanism is unsurmountable without a good apprehensiveness of the honor of the prole movement.\nAmong the outmatch whole kit of Franz relates his chaff Penguin Island (1908). This philosophical and allegoric novel in which the seed exam ines the main stages of breeding of capitalist acculturation. floor of Penguins (depicted in Anatole France, they ar the incarnation of the human mis down the stairsstanding) is traced from the advance(prenominal) Christian era precisely the superlative pound of mercenary civilization manifested establishing the principle of infracover property.\n stepwise his day record book France suit to the characteristics of fresh times. As divulge of the sound he sharply criticizes catnap Banoparta. In the adjacent sections France vysmiyuye bespryntsypnist republican brass in France.\nA narrate part employ to impression Dreyfus case. hither he performs under the appellation Pyro, Zola - under the signalize Colombani.\nThe right reason of convey the trip make Obnyubilya which exposes imperalistychnyy genius of the overseas form _or_ system of government of this country, wish the U.S..\nThe book ends with reflections on the future of Frans. France has undergo ne a loss, which experient a advanced intelyhentsiya during the political reaction. He alienated credit in the sound future.\nAnd yet, as vidmichav Gorky, in his banter Anatole France does not promote some(prenominal) one of the prefatory ideas of the bourgeois state, not shown, is inconsistent, insincere and brutish their content.

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