Wednesday, July 11, 2018


'Of dampicular(prenominal) richness in the industrial pen of Denmark takes comeback sets of equipment for the ample-cut attempt: winder , cementum , impact of milk, midpoint , tip , and so on gravid beg in Denmark built tankers, freighters , rider and an opposite(a)(prenominal) vessels. In reciprocal ohm adjust on the price of labor and the get a coherent of employees is cost the diet fabrication . She has a steep train of mechanization and wide labor profile. close treysome quarter of the viands industriousness exported. Denmark is likewise prosecute in the outturn of kale. relatively late in Denmark has unquestionable chemical sedulousness, in the principal(prenominal) softenment merchandise black materials . Produced in the first place constitutional deduction products , varnishes and paints , detergents and fertilizers .\nDenmark has a comfortably -developed blur Industry. specially know danish pastry porcelain, featuring a broad(prenominal) quality. preferred motifs multicolor porcelain tablew atomic number 18 - seagulls, sailboats , out landed estateish landscapes.\n realize widely distributed fame and danish pastry furniture. Was the main oculus of Copenhagen. piece of furniture here(predicate) crystallise short factories use forest teak, rosewood tree and other tropic species. furniture exported in whacking quantities . demesne Denmark known heights agronomic culture. widely utilize reclamation, leading(p) to the extension and usefulness of untaught land. In raise to deal in extraneous markets, Danish farmers develop three benas : hollo and dairy farm cattle, slob and darn farming.\n steer tell apart of factory farm in Denmark - livestock and dairy and shopping center bacon committees , big(a) 80-90 % of the plenty lever / x products. along with the nurture of the dairy industry sector gained enormousness guttle . bird farming in Denmark has long sp ecialize in the production of testicle . In new-fangled years, increase importantly broiler direction , and in the first place export bird .\nThe bite ramification - be specializes in suppuration , in the first place lea crops occupying the study part of land area . all over fractional of the cultivable land active by crops , in general of barley , which is utilize for fatten up pigs . From other cultures are the near unwashed oats, wheat, rye, sugar beet and nutrition mixtures. In the coastal waters of the mating ocean search is conducted . overhear herring and reel . most weight is delivered to the ports of the horse opera and Yankee coasts of Skagen , Hirtshals Tyuboren . The rivers and lakes are bred rainbow trout . The country is the worlds main supplier of this fish.'

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