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A Comparison and Contrast between the Theme of Revenge in The Visit Essay

A Comparison and Contrast between the Theme of Revenge in The Visit and Death and the Maiden - Essay ExampleThe myth goes on to show how the people of this village are gearing up to present a great pomp and show of a welcome for Claire Zachanassian - a lady who had left the village for more prosperous shores years ago a lady the villagers hardly remember. Claire was now believed to be returning to make a million pound donation to a village hungry for any kind of monetary gain.What the villagers do not know is that the person behind their state is Claire herself, who had actually left the village upon being betrayed and left with a discloseed reputation by her lover, Ill. Claire then went onto marrying and widowing exceptionally well before she used her multimillions to ruin the village. Among an eerily commanding disposition, a misshapen entourage and several artificial body parts among other eccentricities in her general demeanour, Claire was remembered for a long measure afterw ards by the villagers for a chilling tenderise. Upon reaching her old national town, Claire the multimillionaire, agreed to part with a small fraction of her fortune at the match that someone should first murder Ill, now a happily married shopkeeper.Revenge 2The story then goes onto explore the shades of the vehement refusal to this offer by the mayor and the villagers alike, as well as the elements revolving around the fact that they are, at the end of the day, a very desperate lot, who begin to consider the prompting before them that can very well better their lives. This creates an air of will they, wont they, as a highlight in the plotline as it progresses from that point onwards. It makes for a fascinating enactment of the internal struggle of the people of Guellen as they live their desperate lives and consider what it would take to improve their condition as Durrenmatt proceeds to demonstrate the changing emotions of Ills family, friends and acquaintances with affect in sight and in frightening detail.This brings us to the next piece of work - Death and the Maiden, by Ariel Dorfman. More on the lines of a thriller, this story is one wide of dramatic shades and a very strong moral element. The central character, Paulina Escobar is the wife of a prominent lawyer in an unnamed third knowledge domain country. Paulina lives with Gerardo (her husband) in a desolate coastal setting. At the very onset, readers note Paulinas agitation concerning a news bulletin about the presidential appointment of a human rights commission charged with investigating abuses by the previous regime. According to the report, her lawyer husband has been appointed committee chair. The remainder of the story concerns victim, physician, and husband of that dictatorial period who through strange circumstances are brought together during the night. The turn of events leading to this is such. One day a storm forces her husband to ride home with a neighbour - only to kick up an inn er storm of sorts. That chance encounter brings up demons from her past, as Paulina is convinced that the neighbour Revenge 3(Dr. Miranda) was part of the old fascist regime that tortured and raped her, while she had been mercilessly blindfolded. The story essentially centers on Paulina Escobar, who had been a political prisoner during the tyrannical period, only to be tortured by her captors. After gaining her trust by treating her kindly and playing a tape of Schuberts Death and the Maiden, Dr. Miranda, a physician cruelly participated in the abusive treatment of his powerless

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