Thursday, June 13, 2019

Management and Leadership Development Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2250 words

Management and Leadership Development - Essay ExampleIn accordance with the traditional concepts of a leader, he/she is the one with a forceful attitude, who allocates clear agenda and expects his subordinates or followers to carry out and follow his/her commands without marvelous any questions. However, in the fast changing commercial environment of the present day, with economic uncertainty ascertaining additional pressure, a single style of leadership does not efficiently match in every situation. Leaders of the present situation should be very much willing to adapt themselves to the various complex situations and concurrently modify their various techniques and strategies. The truly charismatic leaders use their exquisite personality to charm over their followers and captivate the listeners. This grumpy form of energy to be able to inspire a strong feeling of attraction is liable to both positive and negative effects. Charismatic leaders argon basically good narrators and dr aw upon shared imagery to create a feeling of common purpose among its followers. The current American president, Barrack Obama, thoroughly demonstrated this particular phenomenon during his election campaign. Amongst all, one American citizen pointed out that the presidents most efficient talent was his natural ability to communicate difficult ideas comprehensively to his followers, or else than using the much popular yet complicated political words like other ministers practices vividly (The changing face of leadership, n.d., p. 22). Mabey and Lees (2007) in their research proposed that, counselling development is a potent and high profile human resource activity, involving some of the organizations key players and attracting high investment both in terms of corporate budgets and expectations. For this reason alone, management development requires sustained scrutiny. In the bureaucratized organization, the directors had responsibility for well defined roles such as planning, b udgeting, controlling, staffing, and problem solving. In the present condition, very a couple of(prenominal) organizations fit to this description of predictability. The decreasing numbers employed in workplaces, and the decline in the number covered by system of consultation and negotiation, have shifted the managers power base from positional to personal (Mabey, Lees, 2007, pp.3-4). According to Cornish, transitions and modification in leaderships are fundamental moments in the life span of an organization, and paying enough attention to them benefits the business organization. However, inspite of having more than sufficient evidence in support to their creation, almost less than 30 percent of the freshly hired employees are indigent of any kind of integration plan. For the women executives who are freshly appointed, the upcoming challenge is much greater. For example in the USA, where 46 percent of the working people are of feminine gender, mere 3 to 5 percent have made it to the upper level of the management in an organization in their corporate life. regular in this modern world, women are still vulnerable to different organizational barriers towards advancement, which includes, very few role models to whom they can look up to, excluding women from important and substantive networks, gender stereotypes and the unavoidable problem of dual role of a woman, i.e. in her corporate life and family life. But this dismal situation can be averted by assigning sponsors to fast track women,

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