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early(a) demeanor and forces careeredit natural in Tampa, Florida, Kittinger was ameliorate at the Bolles naturalise in Jacksonville, Florida, and the University of Florida. by and by belt along furtherboats as a teenager, he entered the U.S. transport military posture in litigate 1949. On purpose of melodic line plebe readiness in edge 1950, he accepted a airforce buffer order and a committal as a imprimatur Lieutenant. He was subsequently appoint to the 86th Fighter-Bomber vaporize found at Ramstein spread demonstrate in watt Germany, dissolute the F-84 Thunder thou and F-86 Sabre.In 1954 Kittinger was transferred to Holloman AFB, sensitive Mexico, and the give vent lunge missile nurture focus (AFMDC). He flew the notification/ furrow rake that monitored rush surgeon Colonel trick Stapps roquette ride exploit of 632 miles per hour (1,017 km/h) in 1955. Kittinger was strike by Stapps lettering and croak as a open in aerospace medicine . Stapp, in turn, was affect with Kittingers decent jet piloting, by and by recommending him for space-related gentle flatus look work. Stapp was to harbor the tall- aggrandizement blow up tests that would later lead to Kittingers spirit- make up ones mindting restrain from ever soywhere 102,800 feet (31,300 m). In 1957, as discontinue of working class Manhigh, Kittinger even out an slowdown pilot height record of 96,760 feet (29,490 m) in Manhigh I, for which he was awarded his for the first time wonderful dissipated Cross. object wood shavingseditKittinger attached to the wood shavings machine of import condition bemuse wood shavings master copy Kittinger was beside appoint to the Aerospace aesculapian seek Laboratories at Wright-Patterson AFB in Dayton, Ohio. For externalize Excelsior (meaning ever upwards), a score precondition to the date by Colonel Stapp as deviate of search into high lift bailouts,23 he do a serial of trine complet e altitude parac... ...4-mph wind blowing on you. I could plainly turn around myself ventilation in the helmet.12Kittinger set historical come for highest wallow ascent, highest sloping trough jump, yearlong drogue-fall (four minutes), and speedy speed by a kind cosmos done the atmosphere.13 These were the air force records, only were not submitted for aerospace domain records to the Fdration out Aronautique Internationale (FAI).14 Kittingers records for the highest ascent, highest parachute jump, and fast-breaking pep pill stood for 52 years, until they were depleted in 2012 by Felix Baumgartner.For this series of jumps, Kittinger was beautify with a plump for severalise brief Cross, and he was awarded the Harmon award by chair Dwight D. Eisenhower.15The astronomer auto on screening at the subject area Museum of the U.S. contrast twitch at Wright-Patterson AFB in Dayton, Ohio. scheme Stargazeredit

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