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The analysis of the strangers Movie Review Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

The analysis of the strangers - Movie Review Example He was almost sure that she would accept it. At the same time, a stranger, blonde woman appears looking for Tamara. She even comes back a second and third time, but this time wearing a mask. It would be difficult to imagine someone would be in the surrounding .This introduces the theme title of the movie which is later followed by encounters with strangers and strange occurrences (Bertino 100). The moral lesson in this scene is that sometimes who we don’t get what we are almost sure of getting. The events that follow frighten James and Kristen and the viewer too. Their means of escape or calling for help are destroyed and the person responsible is nowhere to be seen vandalized car, with slashed tires, missing phones and the appearance of a track hauling at James all create a theme of terror (Bertino 100). The couple finds a gun in the bedroom and it create some relief of having self defense. Instead James ends up shooting his friend Mike. To torment James the unseen stranger p aints the word ‘killer’ on the glass window. It is the dull lighting in the room, the messed up appearance of everything in the house and outside that creates horror. The main actors are breathing deeply with a feeling of hopelessness with the sound track playing strongly in the background. Not being in control and lack of means of escape creates a feeling of helplessness. The moral ideas here are that we should be aware of our surrounding. What may harm you could be staring at you but you are in a position to stare back. Sometimes the enemy uses one’s weaknesses and mistakes to disorient your actions. Whenever one makes decision calm and trying to settle into the context is key to avoid serious mistakes that may harm. The next day, Kristen and James are tied up by the tormenting strangers and amidst her crying she asks why they chose them. The response is cold words â€Å"because you were home† given by the stranger wearing a doll face mask (Bertino 100). The viewer is left wandering what these words meant. Could it be the house they are in belonged to the strangers who are now starting to appear as if they are ghosts? Or could it be these are stalkers who followed them from the wedding reception? The strangers remove their mask to reveal their faces to the couple, but the faces do not appear on the screen creating even more suspense and fear on the itchy feeling on the viewer. The masks used by the attackers could represent the idea of trying to evade reality which comes back to torment you ‘because you were home† to all these destruction. The moral lesson in the theme is that prior reflection on actions and decisions before time catches up with us and the mask is removed but before the removal you could be dead or in life threatening situations. Along the way, the group meets with some two boys distributing religious material, and when the doll face is asked if she is a sinner she just carelessly responds â€Å"someti mes† and the pin up girl tells her not to worry â€Å"it will be easier next time â€Å"these words create the feeling that Doll face could have been familiar with either Kristen or James and the idea of killing the was hanging heavy on her neck (Bertino 100). What will be easier? When is the next time? From his theme we learn that even criminals regret the torment they have caused, but the satisfaction of being in control is overwhelming and they have a

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