Tuesday, August 27, 2019

Obama care Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words - 1

Obama care - Essay Example The Affordable Act does not provide people opportunity to get equal health care because it organizes insurance in levels based on the public condition. If a person is poor they will pay less for the insurance and get unqualified doctors compared to middle and high income earning people who pay more and get better health treatment. The Supreme Court even wrongfully supported the Act by making it mandatory for individuals to purchase healthcare insurance under 2010 Affordable Health Care Bill. Obama Care places huge pressure on young adults affecting their priority and health by forcing them to buy insurance when they do not have enough income to afford it. Obama Care is also harming businesses and this can also lead to worsening of the economic conditions of the USA. The Obama Care affects and destroys young adult’s priority. Healthy young adults are forced to buy insurance and this prevents them to save their income in order to secure their future. Due to this young adults may not be able to meet the expenses required to address any unexpected health condition in future. Obama Healthcare Act rather makes the young generation dependant on governmental health care programs. Elders in the United States gets more support from the government in shape of Medicare when it comes to their health condition because some cannot work and others do not have enough money to take care of themselves. Studies by the U.S department of health and human service reported that elder people represent the highest percentage of the Americans who signed for the Obama Care, while young adults represent the lowest percentage. Young adults strongly disagree with Obama Care because it forces them to buy health insurance even when they are healthy enough. Due to this t he money invested by young adults does not benefit them and rather benefits other populations such as the elderly who have signed for Obama Care. According to the

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