Thursday, December 19, 2013

History Channel Producer

I urinate developed a great conceit for our next big History Channel series in which I would exchangeable to tackle not only being of discourse struggle 1 , yet also conception war two , and in doing so ,hope to expose those go up both(prenominal) wars , and all f get alongions involved in them behind the background s . I feel few people understand our country s pecuniary agreement , and by making a series enlarge both world wars , and those who funded them , I may be hold to shed some light on a very gray area in the Statesn history . busted I would br like to explain myself concerning my reason for scatty to make a History channel series completely based on both world wars , and who funded them , primarily to wages those people who watch this falls season provide call down up and begin to unders tand just how ridicules our countries monetary remains isI would like the series to consist of three two hr long successivenesss , all shot three months in political platform of attack , before we air them , which gives me one month per occurrence for outgrowth . During the first 30 minutes of the first depute , concerning world war one , I go forth social function photos and cool it images , along with censored scenes form both the BBC electronic network , as well as the CBS broadcasting group . I would practice only some of the most violent of delineation footage portraying world war one primarily be set about it will draw in how violent and unnecessary war is . I do not think that actors are needed , unless I do feel that interviews with world war one veterans would be allot and a lot more toll effective , in making this series I would like to make it as affordable as possible . The base of the first episode in my series , World struggle 1 , will begin with t he shot heard some the world of the assa! ssination of Francis Ferdinand and his wife Sophie , duchess of Hohenberg , were shot by Gavrilo Princip (Britannica cyclopedia , 2008 . is a professional essay writing service at which you can buy essays on any topics and disciplines! All custom essays are written by professional writers!
This scene would use mollify shots of the black and white photos from the scene of the crime , with the boniface mentioning its effect in the background . afterwards showing the home cause of the war , during the last 30 minutes of the show I will show still pictures of those who stood to make believe from a world war , ladened banking families , such as the Rothschild s , which afterwards the Federal Reserve act of 1913 was passed , loaned massive amounts of money , funding all factions , at sake . After I have fork overed the root cause of the war and shown still photos of those who stood to gain , those bankers funding all factions , I would like to focus the varan of the episode depicting world war one veterans , explaining at that place thoughts on in that respect feelings , not only towards the war , but also wherefore it happenedIn the second episode , I would depict World fight two , and would invite world war two veterans from America , Germany , and Britain . I have chosen to depict veterans from three study factions in the war...If you want to get a full essay, hostel it on our website:

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