Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Stereotyping About Saudi Arabia

Sara Niazi30th March 2008 Saudi-Arabian Arabia still projecting the real slang to it of IslamThe geo-political consequences after the 9-11 mishap entirely twisted the image of the Moslem findries all over the ground . Many countries like Pakistan , Afghanistan , Egypt , Syria and Iran had to count the menace of the War Against Terrorism and even had to combat with their stand servant security issues which set tough challenges for them to struggle to hold on their peaceful image on an planetary perspective . Saudi Arabia is unrivaled Islamic country which somehow managed to sustain its br honor and peaceful image on the map of the contemporaneous international political scenario and this was possible because of their positive and influential fence policies , their frugal stability and their potent financial role cros swise the land . A nonher factor that added to their credit was their domestic preponderance and reenforcement of law and that enabled the pace of their progress to remain limpid and in like manner provided external favors to flourish inside the countryMost of the Muslim countries have non been able to earn significance in the pace of frugal progress and development of the world throughout the last hundred despite being the oil producing and exportation countries like Syria could non be listed amongst the developed ones . But Saudi Arabia since its establishment of upstart Kingdom back in 1932 has not only been provide in its form of Government further in any case hold a uniform pace of progress and development in all the walks of life sentence . is a professional e   ssay writing service at which you can buy es!   says on any topics and disciplines! All custom essays are written by professional writers!
Its chief source of income has no interrogative sentence been the export of oil and products of petroleum as it has been one of the leading(p) oil producing countries of the world but the Government of Saudi Arabia has evermore invested at a mass level to improve and parent the overall socio-economic mold of the countrySaudi Arabia is the center of the Islam as the entire Muslim ummah ( friendship ) ahead towards this land during the holy month of Zil Haj to carry out the yearbook pilgrimage (HAJ ) to the holy city of Kaaba , in Makkah and also to feed homage to the Prophet s grave in Madinah . This one-year tourism also brings in a lot of foreign trade and revenue to the Saudi treasure . Apart from the net the organizing of this majuscule event every year also proves the stubborn energy of the Saudi administration and also their expertise in give people from diffe rent regions of the world with heterogeneous backgrounds in the high-priced homogenous environment . They have certainly proven to be very ardent custodians of the Islamic heritage of the both Blessed Places . The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has always kept the brainy tutelage of these two Holy places in the top most antecedence . The Ministry of Pilgrimage , in union with other governing agencies , manages the annual logistical challenge for the organization of Hajj and endorses such projects in the Kingdom and abroad that promote Islam s role in the community . The annual conducting of Hajj reflects the dedication of the leadership and...If you desire to contain a full essay, order it on our website:

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