Monday, February 3, 2014

Emasculation of the Black Man

Danielle McCall coloured Urban Family Jermaine Monk October 13, 2010 The Prison of Manhood When good sense looks at the icon of the African American male today, what normally comes to mind be images of drunks, gangsters, and absentee fathers. While the easy solution would be to place peck upon the men themselves, an intellectual being would school principal that which has pushed some erosive males to look to alcohol, crime, sex and violence as a agent of asserting their manhood. In order to rightfully see the showdown and degradation with which the Black man has been face up since the inception of this country, one must truly delve beyond the surface and reconcile himself in the plush of truth and objectivity. The Black man has been systematically subjected to treatment aimed at weakening his sprightliness and pacifying his being since the rattling birth of the European slave shift and remains subjected to such(prenominal) treatment today. To argue slavery b egan in the Americas would be pathetic; some form of slavery has been present in nearly every historical context known to man. What distinguishes the European captivity of Africans from that which preceded it was the dehumanization of the slaves. In Ancient Greece, Rome, and most separate of Africa, slaves were considered the dimension of their masters but were simultaneously granted umteen of the equivalent rights and liberties as other citizens. There was often board for up mobility and many slaves were offered the opportunity to buy their necessitousdom. It was not an erratic employment to free a slave if they had been faithful and loyal, or if they were to be married. It was not until the onset of European slavery that slaves were regarded as slight than human, arguably as a means of justifying the ferociousness exhibited by slave masters against their slaves (Leary, 2005, p.49-53). As the physical handle of slaves by their masters became exceedingly inhumane, ens laved peoples became more desperate to free ! themselves. In the late 1700s there were more...If you want to get a unspoiled essay, order it on our website:

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