Saturday, February 8, 2014

The Greeks And The Romans

THE GREEKS AND THE ROMANS PAULA SCOTT ANDREW CRAMER ASHFORD UNIVERSITY HIS 103 01/30/2012 Under the Hellenic and roman societies they both ca-ca a history for commercial exchange, that carried more than soldiers, citizens, and goods it also carried ideas. Which were the Greek philosophy and the roman Christian religion, both where very opposite? The Greeks lived in autonomous city-states; the Romans built an empire which dominated the supply Mediterranean and parts of southwest Asia, North Africa, Europe and Britain. Greeks did non bear out the Christian religion, but it was the official religion for the Romans. The Greek corporation met people from different societies who traveled and traded in the Mediterranean so they built their societies under the influence of Mesopotamians, Egyptians, Phoenicians, and others which became city-states known as real Greek society. The Romans because of rapid expansion and influence of purplish dominate brought economic an d social change to the people, good roads advance trade between the percentages bringing wealth as tumefy as finding new cities to serve as a link between local regions thus mental entailment a strict patriarchal society and used solid worker labor. After restoring political order in Greece the some essential institution was the city-state (polis) many of them became commercial centers, two in particularly was the Spartan, and Athens, the Spartans was located on the Greek peninsula where they forced their neighbors to perpetrate uncouth labor, they were servants not slaves but couldnt leave the land, they had to hold the line Sparta supplied with food. Because this region outnumbered them the Spartans had strong multitude armies, they didnt pamper themselves with luxuries or live wealth, they referred a lifestyle of simplicity, frugality, austerity, and they educated themselves with discipline and military gift at an early age. Spartan, men and women had a a uthorities of physical training, sons at ag! e 7 went to military barracks...If you penury to withdraw a full essay, order it on our website:

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