Thursday, May 30, 2019

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Creating A Writing TechnologyEnhanced separation of the know from the knower is probably the most fundamental value of writing, from its beginnings to the present. Between knower and kn receive writing interposes a visible and tangible object, the text (Ong, 327).LOT 509 ravish PUT DRYWALLINSIDE THE GARAGE Above is what I wrote using my creative writing engineering science. I am a general contractor and have my own construction/home improvement company. The company is called Rock Water Construction. With my full school schedule I havent had the time to take on huge jobs. However I am fitting to take on Drywall jobs that dont require a full days work to complete. I recently ordered drywall to be delivered on Thursday to finish a basement that I had been working on. Due to the upcoming weather predictions that called for rain, I contumacious to have the drywall put into the garage until I was able to move it to the basement, in order to protect it from the rain and a lso theft. I requested this from the drywall company and knew that it undeniable to be put into the garage, however if the driver didnt happen to read the instructions on the invoice, the driver would have left the drywall by the curb. I was able to separate the known, (the drywall needed to be placed in the garage), from the knower, (my mind) through the tangible object (the sign) that contained my text. The house that I am working at is in a new subdivision so lot numbers are a lot easier to locate for the delivery drivers. There were other graphite deposits around the world, tho their ore was not particularly pure. Impure ore crumbled or produced a scratchy linewith his supply of English graphite changelessly embargoed, the French pencil-maker Nicholas-Jaques Cont learned to produce a workable writing medium by grinding the local graphite, mixing it with clay and water, and forcing the mixture into wooden casings (Baron, 44). Normally I would use a permanent marker or spray paint on a piece of wood to make my sign, however since I had to create a writing technology I chose to use charcoal and a piece of scrap drywall to create my text.

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