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The Chamber: A Look Into The Novel And Film Essays -- essays research

The bedroom A Look Into the Novel and FilmStories slightly crime prove to be a strong trigger off of Americas entertainment inthis day. In The Chamber, John Grisham writes about a Klansman who is convictedof murder and a grandson who tries to save his grandfather is on death row. Thisstory is now a major motion picture. This story carries a strong emotionalfollowing to it because it both questions and supports the death penalty indifferent ways. Grisham shows this when he writes " Ive hurt a lot of people,Adam, and I cooknt always stopped to think about it. But when you have a datewith the grim reaper, you think about the damage youve done. " The messagesabout the death penalty are brought about in different ways in the film and inthe novel. Although the novel and film adaptation of The Chamber have somesignificant differences, the plot and character perspectives are used to conveya political message about the death penalty. (378)     The various cha racters in The Chamber have different traits andbackgrounds that affect their perspectives on certain issues. surface-to-air missile Cayhall isone of the main characters in the story whose background is filled with hatebecause of his connection with the Klan. "The trice member of the team was aKlansman by the name of Sam Cayhall," "The FBI knew that Cayhalls father hadbeen a Klansman, . . . " (Grisham 2-3). Sam, who is brought up under theinfluence of the Ku Klux Klan, uses "politically incorrect" terms for some otherminorities when he talks with Adam Cayhall in death row. " You Jew boys neverquit, do you? ", " How many nigger partners do you have? " " Just great.The Jew bastards have sent a greenhorn to save me. Ive known for a long timethat they secretly wanted me dead, now this proves it. I killed some Jews, nowthey want to kill me. I was right all along. " (Grisham 77-78). Thesestatements reflect Sam Cayhalls intense hate for others which is derived fromhis young upbringing in the Ku Klux Klan. Sams background as a Klansman is toldby Grisham using Sam telling Adam about generations of Klan activity" Why did you become a Klansman?Because my father was in the Klan.Why did he become a Klansman?Because his father was in the Klan.Great. Three gene... ...onster, Ruth Kramer thinks DavidMcAllister is a hero for demanding scarcelyice. These are the two sides of the coinwhich is the death penalty in The Chamber. As Grisham writes it, Ruth Kramerssituation is well draw by Lee in this line          " Bitter? She lost her entire family. Shes never remarried. Doyou think she cares if my father intended to kill her children? Of course not.She just knows theyre dead, Adam, dead for twenty-three years now. She knowsthey were killed by a bomb planted by my father, and if hed been home with hisfamily instead of riding around at night with his nitwit buddies, little Josh a ndJohn would not be dead. " (61).     The Chamber is a story about life and death and how it is treated bydifferent people. In the film, The Chamber more about relationships. " The filmis about a young man, very alone in the world, connecting with his grandfatherand trying to understand who he is. " (Greer 4). notwithstanding the differencesbetween the two, The Chamber proves to show a political message on theinfliction of the death penalty in America.

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