Thursday, September 12, 2019

Aviation Psychology Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Aviation Psychology - Research Paper Example A quantitative study focuses more on statistical data analysis to generate numeric results. Sen (2012) states, â€Å"Qualitative Research is usually non-statistical analysis and in case of Quantitative Research Statistical data is usually in the form of tabulations†. Doing quantitative study, researchers identify the relationships that exist between independent and dependent variables to know the effect of one variable on the other one. Quantitative study focuses more on gathering data using large-scale surveys. In quantitative studies, researchers are usually independent of the research and they analyze different variables to determine their relationships by doing a proper statistical analysis. In quantitative research, researchers gather absolute data in order to generate numeric results based on statistical analysis of data. â€Å"Quantitative research involves gathering data that is absolute, such as numerical data, so that it can be examined in as unbiased a manner as possible† (McGuigan, 2011). In quantitative research, researchers identify the association and links between independent and dependent variables in order to determine how rise or fall in one variable affects other variable. In a quantitative method of research, researchers are independent of the research and gather data about the variables associated with the research to determine their level of dependency or association with each other based on a comprehensive statistical analysis. Another reason for choosing quantitative research design is time efficiency. There is a huge time difference between compiling a theoretical research and a numeric result. It takes less time to compile quantitative resu lts of a study as compared to qualitative results, which are theoretical in nature. I would first gather data from the aircraft companies prior to and after the use of CRM software. I would visit at least 3 aircraft companies and would talk personally to their customer relationship

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