Friday, September 13, 2019

Cultures in Organizations Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

Cultures in Organizations - Essay Example Among other tools used by managers to control behavior of employees, include working language, beliefs, symbols and acceptable habits at the organization. Such tools constitute an organizational culture and subcultures. Communication is an essential cultural aspect that influences the productivity of an organization. The management of the organization therefore invests most of its resources to manage the flow of information within the organization. Information for example is an equally important asset in an organization since the information influences the management, production and marketing among other important features of the organization. This explains the various policies that control the flow of information in the organization. Working language is a primary feature that manages the flow of information besides influencing the culture within the organization (Jex & Britt 77). Most organizations have an official operational language within the organization. Besides the use of a specific language, organizations also have specific channels of communication with certain media considered official. The use of video conferencing, telephones and emails have become official channels of communication th at expedites management operations. Deal and Kennedy define organizational culture liberally as the manner in which organizations operate. In their definition, they provide a number of organizational cultures defining the relationship among the employees and managers within the organization and the influence of such relationships in the productivity of the organization. Among the organizational cultures the two scholars propagate, include work hard play hard culture. The culture explains the operations of restaurants and fast food cafes. Such cultures have low risks and rapid results. Such cultures require cohesive organizations with the coordination between the management and the employees. Effective

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