Sunday, September 1, 2019

Caste System

A Day in Life: Case system Narrative My feet, burning walking through the villages while the higher caste people Just stare at us, as if we are animals that have no home. My son is screaming as he is sick from the polluted water we have to drink from. The higher caste people drink from clean fresh wells and laugh at us as we drink from the local pond filled with animal feces. There isn't much hope for our kind of people, but for us it's all about slim chances. My people help each other in times of need, the same caste helps the people inside f it, but requesting help from another caste is getting a guaranteed no.The different castes live like they are different from each other as if we are both two different animals except we are like an ant and the Brahmin are like a tiger. We have different jobs, ways of life, and values. I wake up tired and exhausted and send my son to his job which is cleaning the town caste, he knows it's filthy but he knows we need every penny we can get. I hav e two Jobs; one is being a servant for a higher caste family, and cleaning high caste's houses. I work for 18 hours a day and receive below minimum wage for my Jobs.There is nothing we can do about it; we untouchables don't have any power and barely any if we do have any. We Just need to accept that we are not welcomed. Many of us tried to revolt and take what we deserve and some of us, like I Just accept we are treated so poorly. The protestors don't get very far, we might get one or two right gained but nothing to major. Most people are planning to revolt, but I'm a coward and I do not want to be downgraded in the next life. I believe ow we are treated is very poorly, but however I think we deserve much more respect than what we have now.We will always be the untouchables, and there is nothing we can do about it. But being treated this poorly is not human. The untouchables are treated with disrespect like we insult their views. I believe in reincarnation and how we untouchables ca me to live with a low reputation, so for now I hope to live my life and follow the Mandate of Heaven to come back with a much higher status. Each one of us are put into the spot we have now because of our previous actions, and I accept hat before my life as an untouchable I have done some bad things that brought me into this depressing life, but it's the way the game of life works.Life as an untouchable is the worst it ever gets, it's wrong to harm people in such a way and this will make those upper caste people who make us suffer untouchables, and then they can experience what we have to go through. I personally believe the Caste system is fair, and that everyone will eventually undergo a period of hardship. Life isn't easy, and everyone will eventually understand that. Caste System By rmarhaba

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