Monday, September 2, 2019

Software Ethics :: Copyright Plagiarism Technology Essays

Software Ethics INTRODUCTION Webster dictionary defines copyright as â€Å"the exclusive legal right to reproduce, publish, and sell the matter and form (as of a literary, musical, or artistic work). The copyright law extended to software and technologies aims at protecting the artists who created the product. The owner of the product has the exclusive right to distribute or reproduce his work. To be qualified for the protection, the work has to be original and in a â€Å"concrete medium of expression† [1]. In every product that we use daily, there is already a copyrighted law protecting it. We can’t simply write the same book and call it a different name. That’s plagiarism and violating the copyright law. The creator of a software technology patented and copyrighted his work, and he can take violators to court for stealing his idea, and reproducing his work without his permission. Why? Simply put, U.S Copyright act, 17 U.S.C Sections 101-810, protects the owner of the product . We should be thankful that we live in a country where our inventions and ideas are protected from theft and being copied. In other countries, such as Vietnam, artists are not so lucky. For many years, songs artists didn’t make a lot of money, and their songs are being sung everywhere, by all the singers. It’s like a free song, and anyone could make money off of that. That’s the precedent. Who would want to create the product, and then turn around in split seconds only to have it posted it on the web or reproduced for free. The work is wasted, the people are discouraged, and the country is ailing. Now, the artist can now protect his work. So Vietnamese, living in America, enjoy the same rights and privileges as Americans. Countries that don’t have copyright law or fail to truly protect the artists of a product will continue to struggle economically, politically, and socially. Viet Nam has improved and been more developed over the past decades. The country is beginning to see foreign investors come in and utilize the resources such as the talents, the cheap labor and materials. However, the country is not flourishing other Asians because of the lack of copyright laws, ignorance, and government monopoly and corruption.

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