Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Prescription stats

Originating medicate companies invent medications and give each drug 2 names, the brand name and the generic name. The brand name is manifestly what the manufacturer calls the product and the generic name represents the chemical mingled of the drug. It takes more years, at least 20, before a drug produce be manufactured as a generic; this is imputable to the patents that are put on the stark naked medications. charming spell researching it is found that he volume of generic prescriptions, two new and re modify, as found to be all over 41% in 1999. A sample has been conducted by travel rapidly a announce of all medications fill in genius day, comprised of new and refilled prescriptions, at Foodtown Pharmacy in Lambertville, Michigan. The sample was taken from 301 prescriptions filled, of which 101 were filled with generic medication; the sample was conducted on January 27, 2003. With this information we can conclude whether or non 41% or more of prescriptions in the sample area are filled with generic medications in 2003. Variables n = 307          = = 0.329 a = 0.05         po = 0.41 flavour 1: Null and Alternative Hypothesis The null guessing is the tested sample affinity being equal or slight than 41%. The alternative hypothesis is our sample proportion being greater than 41%. A one-tail test mustiness(prenominal) be utilise in order to conclude whether or not more than 40% of prescriptions are filled with generic medication. Ho : p ? 0.41 Ha : p > 0.41 rate 2: analyze Statistic The population proportion test statistic must be pulmonary tuberculosisd due to the statistic that has been selected to test, because it is a percentage. We therefore use the following equating to compute the Z-value: =         The following is a bell shape curve that describes the entropy that has just been calculated: a = 0.05                                     0.4981    Â!  Â Â Â Â           0... If you neediness to get a full essay, order it on our website: BestEssayCheap.com

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