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Relationship Between Public Halth And Private Medicine

: Specifications : 1 Page , 1 Source , APA Style: sound communication Public wellness efforts and those of private medicine fill-in to each sensation another(prenominal) and together serve the States s wellness ineluctably . Why has their relationship been so contentiousBottom of form Public health serve and private practice ar two break a elbow room phases that domiciliate integrative c are in the healthcare exertion . These two streams have been created in much(prenominal) a management that they compliment the work of the other . However , the relationship that exists amid them is very(prenominal) controversial and frequently two these streams compete with one and other in delivering healthcareFrequently , the population would be seeking first-hand and present(prenominal) medical exam exam interroga tory care from the private practitioner . The private practitioner would be offering certain kinds of operate . It is substantial that the state-supported health subdivision identify the type of run that are provided by the practitioner , so that its services could be swot upd on a long-term basis to compliment the services of the practitioner Frequently , the private practitioner may not be able to expand his services due to limitations in money and due to problems in seeking additional health force . To compensate for such deficiencies exoteric health services should be organized (as they are in a break dancing position to obtain the required resources . However , it is besides necessity that the public health services do not create the efforts exhibited by the private practitioner , as there would be un infallible wastage of funds and sickly competition between both(prenominal) the parties Instead such funds could be utilized to full concomitant the ser vices of the other (Schulberg , 1966Many pri! vate practitioners are not unprompted to take up patients with advanced or complicated medical conditions , as they may find it difficult to get in advanced equipment or provide specialized care . It is required that the public health plane section identify that such facilities are not provided for the patients and hence should organize them . is a professional essay writing service at which you can buy essays on any topics and disciplines! All custom essays are written by professional writers!
The public health part is in a better position to variety meat funds for advanced equipment and specialists than the private practitioner (Schulberg , 1966The Public health department should also be available to provide medical services to people who cannot afford the se rvices of the private practitioner . This includes the uninsurable segment of the population and those below the poverty bourne . too , it is also necessary that the public health department organize training , education and research programs (Schulberg , 1966It is very ancient that a harmonious relationship exists between the private practitioner and the public health department . Both of these parties have a very important role to play with regards to healthcare and it is also important that services are not duplicated (which would result in unhealthy competition . Both the parties should be able to complement for the services offered by the otherReferencesSchulberg , H . C (1966 , Private do and friendship Mental Health Hospital Community psychiatry . HYPERLINK hypertext transfer protocol /psychservices .psychiatryonline .org /cgi /offprint /17 /12 /363 .pdf http /psychservices .psychiatryonline .org /cgi /reprint /17 /12 /363 .pdfWulsin , L . R...If you want to get a profuse essay, order it on our website:

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