Friday, January 24, 2014

The Chronicles Of Narnia Vs The Lord Of The Ring

Jonathan Lee Eng 21a Parallel Worlds Philip Pullmans His Dark Materials trilogy to the two other(a) bang-up fantasy masterpieces, The Chronicles of Narnia which were written by C.S. Lewis. There atomic number 18 a great many similarities between these three books, and their authors, solely in that respect are also a a couple of(prenominal) noticeable differences. C.S. Lewis presents a distinct religious view in his Chronicles of Narnia, while Tolkien creates his stratum focused less around religion, up to now Pullman finds fault in both of them. C.S. Lewis is nonpareil of the largest names in childrens and Christian fiction, because of his seven-spot Narnia books, which contain a clear analogy to the Gospels. Most notably of all his works, however, is the Chronicles of Narnia. The Chronicles (which include The Magicians Nephew, The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe, The Horse and his Boy, Prince Caspian, The pilgrimage of the Dawn Treader, The plate Chair, and T he sustain Battle) were written from 1950 until 1956, and tell the report of the fantastical man of Narnia, which is populated by centaurs, talking animals, crime witches, and regular creation alike. It is the story of the bible, from the creation in The Magicians Nephew until the divine revelation in The Last Battle. The Christ figure is a lion known as Aslan, who sacrifices his life for adept of the human boys who usher in Narnia from our domain of a function, through and through the Wardrobe. corresponding His Dark Materials, the Narnia books choose place in a world parallel to our own, although this one is far more contrastive geographically than the worlds in Pullmans books. twain are filled with intelligent and mythic creatures, some of which helper the children travelers, and others that are hostile to them. Both books supply their child heroes through one or more worlds, from each one one completely different from the one before. However, when it comes to religion, His Dark Materials and The Chr! onicles of Narnia take different paths. In His Dark Materials God is condemned as a ancient and once cruel...If you want to get a undecomposed essay, stage it on our website:

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