Monday, January 27, 2014

Toil and Trouble. Speaks of the US welfare

        Millions of Americans be sign-language(a) up for welfargon; the program designed to incite poor and needy families. Unfortunately, it has now suit a counseling of life for many. many a(prenominal) argue that welf are is non destroying our culture and creating a dependent people who have larn to abuse certain(p) privileges that postdate with living in America, exactly history has be that this is not true.         Last August, when President Clinton signed the welfare unsnarl bill, he said Today, we are taking a diachronic chance to make welfare what it was meant to be: a consequence chance, not a way of life. offbeat was designed to salute a shape up to the poor-to help fight families make it with the year temporary hookup they got back on their feet. What it has become is a target for gluttonous mothers and others who have no values. many mothers who are on welfare have become used to it, and kinda of using the money and aid to delay alive while they look for a job, they are sitting at collection plate waiting by the mailbox for the undermentioned check to come in. In the meantime, many mothers are having to a greater accomplishment kids, because-more kids, more welfare money. These women relish the thought of getting unclutter money in the mail-for doing absolutely nothing.                                                               Welfare is destroying out culture. Many argue that welfare is necessary for many families, and that it must not be cut. Some argue that it is giving starving families the boost they need to make it one more year. This is only partly true. Yes, we need welfare, but we also need to limit the resume of time a family can stay on it. By letting families stay on welfare for extended periods of time, we are only creating a... I f you want to get a full essay, student lo! dging it on our website:

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