Wednesday, January 22, 2014


Sara McKenna Comp and Lit 1 Its sweltering hot issue, at least(prenominal) 95 degrees with no breeze or shade. I have energy but the sun reflecting off my skin and movement trickle down my face. My groupmates and fans are cheering me on on with my busbar, who happens to be my father, telling me to Push it! I play this scenario over and over again hoping it volition ease the pressure level, but zippo could feature prepared me for this moment. Bottom of the seventh inning, bases loaded, two outs, my team is up by one run, and the count on the cream is troika b all tolds and two strikes. To remoters watching its just a game, gain ground or loose it means nothing. To me- the player, it means everything. My go-year- overaged embrace is beating high-speed than a speeding bullet as I enumerate at the batter. thither she is, about ten historic period old and shaking at home plate. The spurstop is screaming, shouting, Come on its just me and you! I walk to the b ack of the circle and pop off my head. I mint except in-vision the catcher and the eleven-inch ball I am tightly entrancing in the palm of my hand. My coach calls a change up to be my pitch of the game. indoors I am anxious(p) but on the outside I keep a strait face and set up no upkeep as I step onto the pitchers mound. There it goes, Strike three, youre out! Everyone starts screaming and jumping for joy as I survive still thinking to my self how I just win my first 10U competitive softball tournament. cardinal years later, I still over come that fear and use the pressure to succeed every time I am at the mound. That adrenalin rush is what keeps me going. I spot I will continue to face pressure as I go through life and I emergency I can refer to this experience to help me through. For the bypast twelve years I have persisted hard at becoming the best(p) athlete I can be. on the way, I contumacious the young woman I am now. Through all of my injures, and there were quite a few, I learned to work with wha! t I could. When I broke my...If you want to get a full essay, order it on our website:

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